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To Jeremiah [Private Frequency]

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*Lance sits up in the bed of the house he had slept in that night. He picks up the radio from his side and tunes the frequency to the one he and Jeremiah had decided and sighs before pushing the PTT*

Hey Jeremiah its... Lance

*he clears his throat and leans back*

How you been holding up pal... what happened with the boat is fuckin bullshit but.... shit

*there is a slight pause as Lance thinks what to say*

There's gonna be a new boat Jeremiah, why would they leave Jon here if they weren't bringing back a rescue... If the news broke that the Icelandic government left one of their own in the hot zone there would be a fuckin revolution or some shit

Lidth is gonna be fine mate, trust me on this one. We both know that she is strong, she knows how to survive back in that country... 

I'm almost back in the country, found a map and was able to figure out where I am... Get back to me on the radio though mate

*he releases the PTT and lets out a long sigh, pushing himself out of the bed. He rubs his eyes and shakes his head, knowing that he doesn't believe anything that he just said on the radio*

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Jeremiah sits, feet dangling from a high rise apartment building a few stories up, hears the transmission from Lance. He grabs at his radio and presses down the PTT, sounding broken inside.

"Jon is fucking gone. Jon is fucking gone. He left with the boat.

They ain't coming back. They ain't coming back, Lance. They're gonna kill Lilith and-"

He stops, nearly breaking down. He continues after composing himself.

"Listen, on the one percent fucking chance that they actually do come back, we gotta make sure we keep a safe zone. I'm guessing that they're gonna bring a massive amount of people on that boat. It'll be like the Brits dumping convicts in Australia back in the 1800s. We've gotta make sure we can secure an area near the coast to secure this safe zone. And we've gotta keep it populated, can't let looters fuck us over in the night.

Even if they don't come back.. hell, we'd be doing some good in this world."

He releases the PTT, tightly gripping a photograph of Lilith against the strong winds.

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*Lance is walking down the highway when he hears Jeremiah on the radio. He stops and crouches down beside a burnt out car, listening to the broadcast before pushing the PTT*

Lilith isn't fucking d...

*he pauses and takes a deep breath*

Jeremiah... I promised you that I would get you on that fuckin boat back home... hell I basically promised Lilith the same thing after that brawl

I'm sticking to that fuckin promise, I'm getting you on a boat back to Iceland, and I'm getting you home to your family

*he releases the PTT and stands up. He slings his bag over his shoulder and starts jogging down the road, aiming to regroup with the others as soon as possible*

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