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I will find you, and I will make you pay. [Open Frequency]

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*Cowboy holds Xela in his arms, wiping a tear from his face as he kisses her forehead*

"This message.......  It goes out to anyone who is a friend of the club, a man named Thomas Teller, he kidnapped my wife while the club was out on our rounds, he tortured her, beyond belief, blew her foot off with a damn shotgun, burnt her lips together, and carved a cross into her fuckin' forehead, THIS MOTHERFUCKER IS GOING TO DIE, if any of you hear or see this bastard you contact me, do not kill him, that's not your place, no Thomas Teller is mine, I'll make him feel every mother fuckin' ounce of pain he made my wife feel.  Oh and Thomas, if you can hear me, YOU BEST HOPE THAT I CAN'T FIND YOU, because I'll make your life a living ' fuckin' nightmare."

*The radio goes to static as Cowboy watches Rhett do the best he can to tend to his wife's wounds, clutching her hand in his before releasing it, Cowboy stands up, slinging his gun over his shoulder and walks out of the clubhouse, "I'll find you, and I will make you pay.", the last thing he does before going on his hunt is he walks up to Marv and Snake, giving them a hug before leaving for the day.*

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*Yegor hears this disturbing message and presses the PTT*

"Tyler, I am very sorry to hear of such disgusting forms of torture being used against your wife, this man Thomas will pay for the hideous crimes he has committed and me and the others will surely help you and your men find this man and make him feel the pain he has brought against you, you have my word old friend."

*Yegor releases the PTT and gathers his gear*

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*Jack hears the message and tunes in*

"Come in cowboy come in, this is Jack Roberts speaking"

"I have come in contact with very close friends of Thomas"

"They trust me, contact me back and we can arrange a place where Thomas can be found"

*Lights cigar, sits down and waits for a response*

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Thomas wipes off his knife and sets it down on the table beside the operating table, picking up his radio and replying with a grin.

"Cowboy, My little lost pup. What did I tell you? I am a man of my word, wasn't that clear enough?. I guess not. I'll be visiting your darling sweet sister, Taylor, very soon.

"Have a blessed day"

He releases the PTT and turns his player back on. A classical tune plays as he returns to the body on the table and mumbles

"Where were we?"

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