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Not possible to edit character photo?

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Hello everyone.

So, I've just tried to create a character page, but unfortunately something whent wrong with the photo (url). I clikked the edit option, but it only get acces to edit the character description not fix the image url. 

Am I missing  something here, or is there really not a possibility to change the image? 

Of course I tried searching myself through the forum, but didn't get any valid hits. If there's indeed another thread regarding this topic, please be kind to forgive me and direct me to it.

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Moved to Troubleshooting.

Could you show a screenshot of the problem?

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Hey buddy,

When you go to edit in your character page you should see a box under personal information.


As you can see you have 3 open slots where you can add a image url's to them. After putting your image URL in the slots you should hit save and be good to go.

Hope it helps.

Edit: Make sure you dont have a space at the beginning or the end of the URL or it will corrupt the image. Also if you cant see that field in the edit options all together it might be a website issue and Rolle would have to look into it.

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As Kanen has suggested the proper way to do it be sure to let us know if it works or if you have any other issues with editing your character. The box that is shown in Kanens screenshot will be towards the top of your character edit page.

Looking at the coding on your character page you are also using the wrong URL for an image.


That is a link to the hosting of the image. You will need to replace it with this: http://i68.tinypic.com/152cg8p.jpg in order for it to show up as it should.

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Hey, WonderN00b!

Any update on your situation? Let us know if any of the responses above have helped you out!

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As the proper way to edit your character page and change the image, along with the proper image url to use has been provided I will /Solve this.

If for some reason the correct way to edit doesn't work for you and it seems to be a site side issue please let us know and we will reopen this.

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