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The Disappearing Buddy

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Jacket takes himself a few moments of thought,

After a lot of opportunities he finally decides to attempt and try to make contact.

He brings up in his mind the few frequencies he heard his voice at

'Jake...'   He says to himself, before switching to a random public frequency and pressing the PTT button

'This is Jacket'

He pauses for a moment before saying with a more bidder tone...


He pauses shortly again

'Was it you? I uh... heard your voice around some frequencies'

'It has been long time since I heard from you.'

He lets out a sigh while still holding the PTT button

'Are you even still alive?'

Jacket lets go of the PTT button, resting his radio aside while remaining on the same frequency, yet not expecting to receive any response.

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*Jake picks the radio as he presses on the PTT button, speaking in with a shocked voice and the sound of a campfire at the background*

"G-gal? Is that you?"

*He raises his voice*

"I thought you were dead already! and it was me indeed!"

are you safe? our camp is gone last time I checked...."

*Jake stands up and starts walking as the sound of his footsteps can be heard before the release of the PTT button*

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Jacket snaps the radio wildly from the log it was laying on for the time being

He presses on the PTT, starting to speak with a bit irritated yet excited tone.

'Heh... it is you bro then, I think we spoke back then about the nam--'

He lets out a chuckle along with a sigh, pausing for a second

Starting to speak with a more positive jolly tone

'Forget it... Heh, It is fucking amazing to hear from you again!'

'Lots of stuff... happened since back then...'

'But eh, let us not discuss it over the radio yeah?'

He pauses for three seconds, before continuing to speak with a calmer tone

'Also you were right, partially... I dismantled Solace thanks to a discovery of mine.'

He ceases from talking, letting go of the PTT button as suddenly, striking the push on the button again, He begins talking with a faster and yet more intense tone

'You remember the place... where it all started?'

'Meet me there, tonight, Asap.'

'It's important.'

'And uh... no need to be precise about the time, I'll be there.'

Jacket lets go of the button, holstering the radio as he begins to walk towards his way,

Many thoughts would pass through his mind, some are involving feelings, and some are involving troubles.

He says to himself during the walk "Best freaking time to come back...'', As the tense eats him up.

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*Jake pushes the PTT button and speaks in with a calm voice*

"Alright, i'll meet ya' there, friend."

*Jake lets go of the button as he takes a deep breath, moving along the road*

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