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To the camp owners near Sinistok [OPEN FREQUENCY]

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After taking some shelter in a barn Kylo looks around to see if no one has seen him and then grabs his radio off his vest and presses the button

Dear owners of the camp I just found. Quite some camp you have up here, near Sinistok. I took the liberty of looking through your tents to find any clues on who it might belong to but I couldn't sadly find anything. Seems like you have build this up very recently and I'm impressed with the speed this has been set up. I've been roaming around this land for quite some time now and usually take shelter in these barns around here and suddenly this has been setup, well done.

He sits down and rests his back on the pile of hay

But as usual in this world, not many people are trusted. This is a sad reality in which I have to go with and so this radio message is to the camp owners asking to identify yourself, maybe meet up and see in what we can do for each other. See, I have a certain skillset that might benefit us both. Oh.. I'm sorry, I haven't introduced myself yet. My name is Kylo Bear but everybody seems to call me Flyboy for a while now so I guess that's my name now, I'm ok with it if you want to call me that. I'm a scavenger for the Roamers, also member of the Northern Alliance, and people tell me I'm a great scavenger.

Maybe we can help each other out with supplies and material we need. Maybe, seeing as your camp isn't little and I suspect you have a bigger group going on, the Roamers and maybe even the Alliance.

Kylo snaps out of his focussed talking, realizing he hears a dead one around him.

Well.. I've been talking way to much! I'll be listening to the radio for a while. Goodbye.

Kylo re-attaches his radio to his vest and pulls out his silenced pistol, getting ready to shoot the dead one. He then makes the decision to leave it be and run around it.

*There is too much killing as there is already, I'll let you live.*

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