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Needing Help with Animated Channel Intro

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Joules    230

So I have very little experience with the complexities involved with animated openers used by many youtube channels, and I'm looking for someone that could potentially help me with my issue. I have decided to start another channel devoted to things that don't involve video games and the like, but I'm at a loss at how I will make my channel intro.

I would have consulted the megathread to graphic arts creators, but I felt this would be an easier avenue to getting assistance. I've generally been absolute shite at making intros, so my hope is that someone here can either help me in the process or just flat out make one for me (with beanz given to the person of course).

If it means anything, the name of the channel is Plebeian Scholar. Yeah I know, laugh at my terrible name. :troll:

Help a gal out?

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Joules    230

moved to offtopic

Good luck. I actually cannot help you :(

Tis all good.

I was told media section was the place to put it so RIP my advice!?

I'm sure someone will roam around and find this thread and offer advice. I can dream can't I?

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