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Any Town Folk of Kamenka left? (Open Frequency)

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*Willem slowly limbs his way into the town of Kamenka and heads towards the house he called home. Upon reaching it Willem noticed that there was nothing left but the old remnants of the empty house. As he limps his way into the kitchen and sits down at the table he takes out a Walkie Talkie that a friendly survivor gave him. Willem turns it on and switches it to the open frequency.*

-Pushes the PTT button-

[static then a man can be heard groaning]

Hello? Hello?!

[A man exhaling heavily can be heard]

Ugh...fuck my head...hello is anyone reading me?

This is Will.

Where is the town folk of Kamenka?

This is Elder Will do you read me?

I was there in the morning and then woke up the next day on a beach in the middle of fucking nowhere.

[A man groaning can be heard]

Kate? Kat? Drogo? Fucking anyone?

Where the fuck did everyone go?

Why is our home empty?

What the fuck happened?

[A wooden item, most likely a chair or small table can be heard being thrown over and broken]

I'll be going out to hunt in the forest, I'm extremely hungry after making my way back.

After that I'll be waiting in the town for any folk that comes back.

If you hear this and you are a citizen of United People of Bay Tikhaya.

[A small pause]

You know how to get a hold of me.

Stay safe everyone.

This is Elder Will signing off for now.

-Lets go of the PTT button-

*Willem looks over at the broken table before taking out his rifle and slowly limbs out the back door of the house.*

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*Izaak reclines back in his chair. The turns the dial on his radio to listen into any frequencies he comes across. The familiar sound of Will's voice is heard through his radio. Once the transmission stops Izaak takes the radio and decides to remind him of the events that transpired*

In case you forgot, things have changed.

Your town is under our wing now. As such, we will provide you with protection, supplies and anything else you might need. In exchange, you are loyal. Your Governor was informed already about this change, and now you will be too. 

Things will get better Will. Just don't forget your place in all of this.

*Izaak cuts the transmission. He sets the radio away and begins to rummage through his backpack, finding a map. He marks Kamenka as a new territory under this "New Moon"*

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*Willem sits under a tree by a small stream resting his leg that he managed to hurt somehow. As he closes his eyes to rest for a bit, he hears a voice but can't place it. Willem unhooks his radio from his backpack.*

-Pushes the PTT button-



Hello...who is this?

Do I know you from somewhere?

[A long pause]

What do you mean we are under your wing now?

What happened to the Coldwater people?

[A small pause]

There was no Council meeting that I'm aware of regarding changing our protection detail.

[slight panic can be heard in the man's voice]

Is the Governor with you?

She is not in Kamenka when I was there and the town looks deserted.

[A small pause]

What do you mean by things will get better?

There was nothing wrong how the town was.

[Frustration and anger can be heard in the man's voice]

What the fuck is going on?

-Lets go of the PTT button-

*Willem's head start to hurts as he overexerted himself while listen to the voice over the radio tell him what has happened to his beloved town. Memories fade in and out of his mind, but he can't seem to remember what has happened to him in the last few hours.*

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*A female voice appears on the radio*


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*Izaak hears the response and quickly responds*

Simply put, Coldwater abandoned you. When the Clowns showed up, they fled north. Because of this abrupt occurrence a new party needed to step in. That was mine.

We offered you what Coldwater couldn't provide: a future. Under our wing, you won't be bothered by Clowns, mercenaries or criminals anymore. As a part of us, you will live on in greatness. People will try to take this town, they always do. But you will not be alone in the fight.

The Governor is probably on one of her meditation walks. She will return or contact you herself.

*Izaak cuts the transmission*

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*CJ Hears this broadcast and chuckles to himself as he picks up the radio thinking about the great day he had yesterday*

*Holds down the PTT*

*He speaks in a tired tone*

"Yea the masks showed up after you guys pointed a gun at one of them a few days ago, Coldwater made their threats but... *Yawns* ran away when a full force of masks and friends stormed your town."

*CJ speaks in a more casual tone*

"Proves that you need this protection that you have accepted from the kind man who responded to you. You never know if you don't the masks might return, and your old security couldn't even handle them"

*CJ then recognises the voice*

"Eh.. Ehhh wha... Your the guy we pushed of the end of the docks... Well have fun putting your town back together. Maybe this will be a lesson to you. Don't point guns at people you don't know."

*CJ grins as he releases the PTT*

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*Willem's eyes open quickly as he heard a voice say a word that made his heart sank.*

"Clowns? What the fuck? The last time I ran into Clowns they shot a Bible into pieces right in front of me."

*Willem hands start to shake uncontrollably as he holds the radio close to his mouth.*

-Pushes the PTT button-

Did...did you just say Cl...Clowns?

[A long pause before a shaken and frighten voice can be heard]

Why...why would Clowns want anything to do with our small town?

-Lets go of the PTT button-

*Willem forces himself up even though his legs now feel like jelly and starts the few hour track back to Kamenka. As he is slowly limping his way down a rocky path he hears the same voice as earlier and a new one over the Radio. Willem makes his way to a nearby tree to rest against and gather his energy.*

-Pushes the PTT button-

[A voice of a man that sounds out of breath can be heard]

What do you mean Coldwater abandoned us?

They then promised they will fight and win any fight our town gets involved in.

I'm still lost as to who you are and who you represent?

Who is protecting the town then?

[A small pause]

A meditation walk?!

Then why are all our farming equipment and food missing?

It took so long to get a good crop going to sustain the town.

[A long pause]

What do you mean we pointed weapons at Masks?

Coldwater was suppose to protect us and not threaten people that arrive to the town.

I really need to speak to the Governor, this is getting way out of hand.

[A small pause]


You pushed me off the dock?!

Why would you do such a thing?

-Lets go of the PTT button-

*Willems head starts to hurt after hearing things he can't even remember being part of.*

"I was pushed off a dock? Fuck me...maybe that explains why my leg is fucked up. I still need to find Kate though, but first back to the town."

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*Izaak hears the radio buzzing, after placing new bandages on his wounds he holds the PTT*

I love how this man claims ownership, saying that he is here to protect you. I was captured by them for no reason, he disarmed me and left me to those fucking Clowns. Only if you could see what they've done, they brought me to the brink of death all under this man's jurisdiction. Now I have to live with this broken nose, cut open arm and hole in my fucking chest.

*Izaak takes a deep breath due to his broken nose, popping more painkillers into his mouth*

Your best bet is to leave, they will just abuse you till you want to take your own life. Leave... ano?

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[Kenny wakes up from his sleep to hear a familiar voice cackling on the radio]

*He sits up and removes his cover, continuing to press down the PTT*

"Is that CJ over the radio I can hear?"

[He raises his eyebrows with a short pause]

"Damn buddy how you been?, Not heard from you or the others for a while"

"Shit man seems like you have been busy, Keep in touch buddy!"

*Kenny shrugs with a smile on his face and releases the PTT, picking up his AK and walking out

the small broken shack he rested in*

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*Bryan listens to the transmission as he is walking through the woods. He sits by a tree and presses the PTT to respond.*

Coldwater fucked off ey? Shame, had a good time with the two I met... I was looking forward to meeting more..

*He chuckles and the transmission fills with static.*

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*Rabbit presses down the PTT and laughs*

"Coldwater scattered like ants, I wouldn't count on them to defend me..."

*Rabbit releases the PTT*

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*Willem stokes the small little fire that he has barely gotten going in the old fireplace. As the fire starts to grow Willem takes a few steps back and sits down on the chair he has pulled closer. Willem unhooks his radio from his backpack and switches it on. Not forgetting the messages that has come through as he limped away from Kamenka.*

-Pushes the PTT button-


This is Elder Willem of the town of Kamenka.

Though I appreciate the feedback from individuals regarding Coldwater and my condolences the the man with the broken nose.

My Governor has informed me that we have parted ways with them due to the incident that happen at Kamenka.

[A small pause]

Further more, to the man that claims Kamenka is under your wing.

You may have the town.

But you will not have it's Town Folk

We will find a new home in due time or not.

We will not be dealing with individuals that beat up our Governor.

Weather or not you are affiliated with these individuals that did, gives me little or no concern.

We shall not stand for these type of hostile behavior against one of our own, certainly not against our Governor.

We will certainly not be ruled by someone that can allows such actions to happen.

Enjoy what is left of Kamenka, since the people that were there seemed to have burn everything to the ground.

[A long pause]

To the United People of Bay Tikhaya.

This is your Elder Willem speaking.

Our Governor is alive and well.

However I hate to inform you that Kamenka is lost.

I repeat.

Kamenka is lost.

All Town Folk that hear this, avoid Kamenka at all cost.

Please head for Rendezvous Sierra as discuss in our Town Evacuation plan.

Either me or one of HOOK's members will find you there and bring you to the rest of the community.

[A long pause]

I know this is a difficult time we find ourselves in, but we must remain strong.

It seems like only yesterday that we made Kamenka our home.

Nevertheless we will keep moving forward.

Stay safe out there.

This is Elder Willem signing off.

-Lets go of the PTT button-

*Willem puts the radio on a nearby table and throws another log on the fire.*

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