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SOF.... Is back...

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*Aspen coughs blood while taking a break from his walking, filled with agonizing pain from his sliced feet. He looks at his hand and looks at where his finger should be. He remembers what he was told and grabs his radio. Shaking, he presses down the PTT button.*

"Uhh.... p-p-people of Chernarus... t-the SOF is back. T-they are b-b-back in town-

*A loud cough is heard, and then Aspen spits something, presumably blood.*

"They... will kill you i-if you mess with them. I-if you see their gas masks, run....."

*Aspen takes a long pause.*

"They are A-ALWAYS WATCHING. I-in the trees, in the windows, they are always watching... they will kill you.... don't ac-act tough.... like I did.... just... if you see them. Run..."

*Aspen looks in the treeline and sees a man wearing a gas mask. He cannot tell if he is dreaming or not, but he tries to ignore it.*

"I don't know wh-what's real or not an-anymore.... just be careful... they are watching..."

*Aspen releases the PTT button, noticing the man is gone. He injects himself with some morphine and gets ready for his trip.*

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*He holds down the PTT*

"You mean the idiots that ended up with seven of there's dead in a church? Ehh, not to worried about 'em...But good to know."

*He releases the PTT*

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Marv's jaw lightly parts, right hand lifting to press inbetween a scrunched frown, left hand lifting the radio to his mouth.

"Prospect... get off the fucking Radio. We'll discuss this at the table."

And with that he releases the PPT.

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*Rhett wakes up to her the prospects voice over the radio he quickly picks up his radio and responds*

"Aspen you little piece o-, you know what, no we will talk about this at the table and I am sure you will not like what is said. Now and me personally will make sure that you read the rules over and over again until I feel you have actually learned something*

*He releases his PTT button and throws his radio against the wall* 

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*John picks up his radio and chuckles under his breath as he clicks his PTT*

Yeah I hear SOF 004 are back when they sent that radio message out. Now boys and girls I’m no pussy but fuck getting expermented on. So I’ll tell you what if Russian doctors come at you with gasmasks on run or shoot. These boys have been Takistan for a long time now and I bet they're hungry for new “subjects”.

*He lets off the PTT and breathes deep, then holds the button down and talks in a low and deep tone*

But…. I’ll tell you SOF a lot of us still hate the fuck out of you and would love to kill you.

*He sets his radio down and starts to clean his AK*

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*Jason hears the transmission and chuckles before replying*

"I remember those guys.. gask mask fellas, right?"

*He pauses for a few seconds before talking again. He calls out to Zeke, not realizing he is pushing down the PTT*

"Yo Zeke, remember those gask mask dudes we naded in stary church with Ollie? Well apparently they're back."

"Oh shit this things transmitting.. oh well, everyone can hear it. Yeah guys, those SOF guys aren't very smart. They took a friend of ours and cornered themselves in a church, we got our friend out and naded the place. Good times. I would recommend you try it."

*He releases the PTT and laughs again*

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*Zeke holds down the PTT, confused as to why Jason's surprised about speaking into the radio considering they are nowhere near eachother*

"Ollie wasn't even there but alright I suppose?  Why are you surprised it's transmitting, I mean how else would you be speaking to me? Christ lay off the crack you junkie thinking I'm there or somethin'."

*The sounds of Ollie yelling "Is that Jason Stroke Lord? Why does he think I was there, another stroke hit him?" is heard before the transmission ends*

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