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[Private Frequency] To Cash

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"God I sure hope this fucking thing is working...

Should be good I guess...

Cash Thompson, if you're there, I need to warn you...

This is Jackson Taylor, we met in Novy earlier today. We came across three friendly looking fellows over there. Look, whoever they are, they are NOT who they seem to be. The third man that arrived latest came back after you left town. He started asking me questions, thinking you and I were banding together... He figured I knee about your camp setup. He asked me how many people you had there, I could not answer him, I booked it and headed after you, but as of right now, I can't find you. We need to meetup again, these people are trouble. Once again this is Jackson Taylor searching for Cash Thompson, over and out."

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*Cash hears the radio buzzing and only catches a bit of the message*

Listen buddy, Keep in contact with me over the next few days. Were going on a few runs to deliver some product but you know where to find me. Ill be there for most of the day tomorrow. But reach out to me on the radio if you need me and I can find you. 

*He releases the PTT*

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