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SSG Wolfe, Jason - Journal entry: 03-OCT-2014

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03-OCT-2014 ___ 11:25 Local time

Well, we just left for Chernarus. I'm writing this from the back of a C-130 that flew out of Ramstein this morning. I'm looking at some places I could tie off my hammock for the rest of the ride. A few of the other guys are already settling in, trying to pass the time with their iPods and reading material. I decide to write. Document our little adventure. We're doing some security shit for some US Aid and UN workers. Pretty boring if you ask me. Guess we're really only there as a show of force. Not so much for the people of Chernarus, but for the Russians. I guess the guys upstairs just want to say, "Hey, look at us helping. Hey look at our guns." Political stuff. It's easier to just shoot what I'm told to shoot. Not like that's gonna happen doing this shit. We only brought enough ammo for force protection anyways. I don't even think I have a full combat load. I have 3 mags of 5.56 and 2 for 9mm. Not that it matters anyways.

We're supposed to be linking up with some other guys out of 10th group who are already on ground. Guess they managed to sweet talk to local fuzz into borrowing a couple police vans. Nice of them. I guess they're taking us to a place called Zelenegorsk? I don't know if I spelled that right. Some town not far from the airport. I guess that's where we're going to make camp for a few days. Hand out some food and water, medical supplies, school supplies, the whole "win the hearts and minds" shit. We have two CA guys with us this trip, Ronaldo and David... They like to be called "Ronnie" and "DJ" I guess. So it's the 8 of us. For my own documenting purpose when I sit down with this journal 20 years from now here's us:

Zach - Head Honcho

Jason - Badass!

Vince - Plays with himself and C4 too much

Lawrence - Simply "Doc" like all other medics

Kenny - Fuckin' radio guy

Ralph - Fuckin' intel guy

Ronnie - Civil Affairs guy 1

DJ - Civil Affairs guy 2

And that's Team America (Fuck yeah!) right there. Ralph is reading over my shoulder. He told me to write the "fuck yeah" part. 20 years ago Ralph says hi by the way.

I also want to point out for my own records that I forgot to bring sunflower seeds. Next time, bring more sunflower seeds.

Going to get some rest now. Thinking about how I'm going to "sign off" from my own journal. Guess I'll leave it with my "final thoughts" ???

FINAL THOUGHT! - Looking forward to seeing the women there!

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