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*Endeavour Western hobbles slowly, a bullet ailing his gait, towards the clearing where he had spied the men, who had captured him and Luke, make off towards. Barely able to stand upright after the beating he’d taken, along with being shot, he uses the trees as support; smearing blood against the grooves of the aged bark.*

*Determined to rescue his king, Western tries to put pressure on his wounded leg. A flame of pain sears through his leg and he collapses, quivering and moaning quietly in pain.*

*His vision slowly beginning to fade, Western digs his finger into his wounded leg, spurring a shock of pain that cracks throughout his body; forcing an agonised scream from his lungs.*

*Desperate for any aid, he reaches a bloody, shaky hand into his pocket and agonisingly fumbles through his jacket. Eventually he extracts a beaten, elderly radio, barely functioning and almost out of juice.*

*Forcing whatever remaining strength he has left in his shattered body, Western raises his radio to his lips and painfully presses down on the transmit button*

*A faint whisper comes over the radio*

“Hope… Doctor… Hope…”

*His hand, no longer able to hold the radio, collapses to the ground, leaving the transmission on repeat*

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Hope looks to her radio. Her drowned pale blue eyes listen to the whisper as the pain overwhelms her from having to fully end Acer's daughter. Her chest presses out a hurtful sigh. Her hand shakes as she replies to the whisper.


She listens on the radio before looking back to see Acer's charred arm and dirtied face. Eyes narrow down to the floor with a proceed of guilt flushing through her body. 

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*After hearing the broadcast over the radio, listening to the repeating plea for help, Maxwell wipes a few tears from his eyes and raises his radio to his lips*

*He puts the radio down again and takes a few laboured breaths, uncertain whether it was Western's voice he'd heard*

*Recognising the voice echoing from the radio, he flips the transmit button on and prepares to speak*

"If that was who I think it was... help him..."

*A crack of sadness enters his voice, mixed with a desperate resolve to help his friend*

"South coast, airstrip... we couldn't save Luke but you can save Western... Please..."

"Give us Hope..."

*He flips the transmission off and kneels in front of a tree, blesses it with the sign of the De Danann and begins to pray for Western*

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Hope has lost Acer in the process of walking. Standing in the road. Everything drowned out on her as she stands there. All of sudden one thing from another she knew where she was to not knowing at all. She takes her radio.

"I'll try and get there... Keep him breathing..."

She spins around, wishing she had a compass.

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*His prayer interrupted by the radio, Maxwell stands, gathers his resolve like a cloak around him and prepares to speak*

"He's barely breathing, I have some medical knowledge but not enough to save him from these wounds... I'll do my best to keep him comfortable"

"Good luck Doctor, you'll need it"

*Maxwell flips the radio off and begins to clean Western's wounds, trying his best to prevent infection from seeping into the dozens of jagged cuts and cruel gunshot wound in his thigh*

"By the Tuath West, you'd better god damn survive this"

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