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Layhe Smith

To anyone who may hear this. [Open Frequency]

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Edgar hastily sits down on one of the low beds in the barrack like building,

he looks around at the stove and towards a cupboard and then to his bag. He takes out his radio

and starts relaying a message filled with panic.

"To je Edgar Kozik, jsem v nouzi pomoc. Musím jídlo velmi špatně, jsem na farmě rodiny na severu

je dům a pak 3 menší kasárna z boku ní. Pokud někdo slyší

prosím, pomozte mi, já nechci umřít takhle."

He repeats it again in English.

"This is Edgar Kozik, I am in need of help. I need food very badly, I am at the farm of a family

in the north there is a house and then 3 smaller barracks out side of it. If anyone hears this please help me.

I do not want to die like this."

Edgar puts his radio to the next channel and repeats his message.

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"Edgar, look around you for apple trees. They've got the red on them."

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