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Uncle Anton..[Extremely Private Frequency]

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*Danny, wakes up in the house he fell asleep in, ready for the day... After last night he has a mixture of emotions, Happy from what happened with Fox, Angry about what happened to Lyca.. And sad about what happened with pal's... He would then look at himself in the mirror in the bathroom and whisper " Fuck... I do look like him " He would then think back to what Anton said.. And realise that the two haven't spoken in a while, he would pull up the his radio from his jacket, tune it into Anton's frequency, and press the PTT Button*

" Hey Anton... It's Danny... How you holdin' up pal? I don't know if you're worried about me or anything.. Probably not because we all know you're tougher than a piece of sandpaper *He would chuckle* Anyways, I guess... You should probably know that I'm currently in Coldwater.. Well not in.. in, like I'm no soldier or anything but, well.. They look after me.

*He would think back to what he said about someone telling him he's weak*

" I've changed... I've started pulling my weight... Hell, I even got someone... Uh, never mind. Anyway's.. How is everyone? How's Ellie? How's Hayley?..

*He would look out the window, seeing if anyone is around*

 I'm currently not up north at this moment in time so... I won't be around, I'll come up and visit soon though... 

*He would look at his stitched up slash on his arm, and sigh to himself*

" Hit me back pal, just to chat... You know you can talk to me about shit brother, you know that.. Well.. I hope you do... "

*Danny would release the PTT, and go get dressed. Ready for the day ahead of him*

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*Anton barely awake hears Danny's transmission after waiting for a few minutes he finally gets up and grabs his radio. He slowly makes his way towards the door of the barn in order to not wake anyone up. He sits down leaning to a wall and watches Johnny in the distance watching the area with his binoculars. Anton takes out a cigarette and lights it before pushing the PTT button of his radio down.* 

Hey I am fantastic! Couldn't think of anything better than listening to the Don digging his own grave over the radio, it's too good.

*He sighs.*

Seriously though, I think the time has come that I actually have to go down south and do something about him. Was fun scareing him over the radio, but it gets really tiring and his new friends think it's nice to break deals they made with me. So don't worry I might be down south... at least if I can be bothered to waste my time on this shit...

*He chuckles.*

Anyway, enough talk about a dead guy.

Hayley and Ellie are fine as always.

*He looks back in the barn for a second towards Ellie and Hayley and smiles.*

Johnny is great everyone is great... living the dream at the expense of others.

*He pauses for a moment tossing the cigarette aside.*

Why did you join Coldwater? I mean I kind of suprised that they would take you in... you aren't really the mercenary kinda guy, are you? I know you said not as a soldier, but as what then?

*Anton releases the PTT button and opens a half empty bottle of whiskey to take a swig before making his way towards Johnny in order to ask him for the time.*

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*Danny puts on his T-SHIRT and zips up his vest, and hears Anton's response... The presses the PTT Button*

" Nice to hear pal... Yeah.. I heard that transmission.... Stupid move... Actually.. I will have a word with you regarding this issue what you're having... Let's just say.. It would be.. beneficial *He would chuckle* 

*He would let go of the PTT for a moment, and shout Lyca's name.. Before pressing it again again*

" I joined up with Coldwater because... Uh.. It's a long story, too long to talk about over the radio.. I'm not a soldier no.. They just look after me, They care about me.. A lot... Lyca, Dalton, Bobby, Tim and the rest.. They care about me, similar to how you do.. "

*He would pause*

" I mean.. Coldwater aren't mercenaries.. More contractors if that makes sense? We get these " Hits " but... It's they're choice if they do them or not... "

*He would remember Anton talking about coming down south*

" As a matter of fact... I'm down south as it goes pal... I do want to have a word with you about a few things... I think I'm going to tell Bobby and Lyca about how you took care of me... They'd be grateful for it I guess.. 

Hopefully, I'll see you soon "

*Danny puts his radio back in his pocket, waiting for a reply*

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*After doing a few things he had to take care of Anton grabs his radio and pushes down the PTT button.*

I guess we will see each other then rather soon. I guess if you are down there already I can't really make excuses for staying up here. Don't want to miss all the fun and if you are already at it I kinda fear I won't ever meet the Don if I don't hurry up... can't really talk with a corpse... well you can but nevermind...

*He pauses for a second and looks over to Ellie.*

I guess I get my people down there, I will contact you later.

*Anton releases the PTT button, puts his radio on in his vest and gets up to inform the rest.*

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