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MP3 Under Profile Info

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I know this question has already been posted, but I have not found an answer yet. Basically I see some people having music under their profile info (Birth date and such), and I wonder how they could get that. Also I saw some people putting MP3 on their characters, and I want to know that too before I post it and mess it up. I already now the process of converting, just the placement is my biggest question here. Thanks!

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You need to be a Sponsor donor rank or above.


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Ok I get it. Will I still be able to post MP3 inside of a thread? For example if I am making a group?

At your current rank you can embed an mp3. Example:


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Yes you are able to add mp3 file to thread. Use this code:

 [mp3] link to the uploaded file [/mp3] 

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Hey Yunuscracke!

You have seem to get a hang on how to use the MP3 system in normal post.

If you want to have music attached to your profile or your character pages you will need a Sponsor+ rank as seen here.

As your question has been answered I will /solve this.

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