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Regulators [Private]

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*A man picks up his radio, speaking quietly*

This is addressed to the regulators.

A recruit in your ranks, Samti Johnsen, was recently a part of a coalition known as the Northern Alliance. He leaked information to third party sources such as hostile groups in the south, damaging our stance. When he escaped to join you, we had no join but to do what was necessary.

He is dead.

You'll find his body laying on a bag in the centre of the bridge of Austellus. Do what you want with him, we did not mean to bring you into this, but it was necessary. We knew him before you did, and he paid the price.

*You see a body bag, average height, laying in the middle of Austellus. The man puts his radio away*

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*The Warden sighs as his men move to retrieve the body and bring it to the crematorium on the civilian side of the isle. Anybody could see the smoke roar up from the smokestack from the coastline with east.*

"This had come to my attention a week ago, so I was expecting this. I even offered to turn him back over, because I was aware he was a spy. I was waiting on the best time to actually apprehend him, but ultimately you did us the favor and eliminated the lengthy trial proceedings for treason, and the inevitable paperwork following the capital punishment verdict it would've came with it.

The Northern Alliance already came to Austellus once with hostilities, and let me be perfectly clear as I state this. They will not come back to Austellus again, or we will retaliate, and this time, we will not be taking prisoners. If you care of Samti's remains, he's going to be burnt like the traitor he was to both of us, and forgotten of. That is all. - Warden Hollows."

*The Warden clips his radio back to his vest and returns to his office as the smell of burnt flesh plagues Austellus from the cremation of Samti's remains.*

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