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The Savior

Im running free.

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*static* Hello? *static* Hello? I think that *static* hear me. Yeah, should be fine now. Anyone out there that may be listening, I'm running from the clowns. They are NOT who they seem to be. *static* and the roamers are a much less threat. I found one of their masks, it was all beat up in the dir- *static* It resembles the ones the kiddies used to wear at the harvest festivals. I remember those days, the memories are not forgotten. *static* For however long it may be while I am running free, I must make sure to keep my head up, because I haven't been more scared in my entire life. I have onl- *static* ran into them once, on the road, they were quite harmless, until I followed them back to their stomping grounds. I don't think it is a matter of having relations with these people, nobody is safe. Nobody can hold up the white card. No- *static* with these people. If anybody has any information about them, please respond, I can't stand another night in these woods knowing they are around. *static*

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