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734.21hz To the man with the Geiger Counter

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* after a few hours of contemplation he presses the button *

I may not know your name, but you have my interest piqued.   My scientific curiosity has gotten the better of me on this.  * he chuckles * I am interested in what you are looking for and why.  And also your discoveries if there are any to be had.  I don't need to know the location until you are away from where it is.  This is just a precaution so you don't end up with more attention than you want.  

My ears are open.

* with a sigh the transmission cuts out. *

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*He picks up his radio, chuckling*

I will talk to a friend of mine, he may have some information for you. It would be in person, however. Not over the radio, too risky.

*He puts it down.*

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