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Public Statement (Open Frequency)

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*Chessur looks at the radio panel, takes his ledger, checks all the information he has on the different public hive frequencies*

*He tunes in one of them and flicks the PTT off, talking into the microphone.*


*He flicks the PTT off, writing something in his ledger while waiting for a response*

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*Anton gets up from a haystack and reaches for his radio, pushing the PTT button down.*

Hey, there glorious division high commander of supreme power and honor.

I am sure that you will live up to your word, even though you are already about three days late...

*He chuckles.*

I hope you deliver soon, otherwise the humans you gave fire to might use it to build napalm bombs.

*The transmission cuts out.*

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*Chessur hears Anton's voice on the radio and flicks the ptt back on*

"Anton, the deal is off, as it seems that many people don't trust your word, i did not contact you back, because you are an irrelevant murderer."

"Even if I respect your priority on the subject of survival, you are not a man to be trusted on when it comes to protecting something so important as the trade routes are."

"As I heard that you are man of impulsive demeanor, I guess you will not let this go, so I guess that we will see eachother soon enough."

*Chessur hears on his personal radio, the Don screaming angry, he says something then turns it off.*

"My men, even if some of them have an attitude problem, will not be exiled, as I said, to a man of no interest on keeping his word."

"Especially after finding out of some kind of religion you and an old man are trying to pull of on people, just to justify your killing sprees."

*He flicks the PTT off, putting his hands on his head, and thinking of what this could bring him.*

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*Anton pushes the PTT button down.*

Alright, fair enough. Just happy that I am not the only one breaking my word, "Mr Man of Honor".

*He chuckles.* 

For you not trusting me you were pretty quick to give your trade routes to me, but well I don't really care and I guess your friends at the Northern Alliance don't care either. Good thing actually that your friends don't have enemies, it would be a shame if they would know that you are on their side.

*He pauses.*

I told you already that I am an "irrelevant murderer" when we made the deal, you didn't care back then. Look at the Don, you know why I want him dead? It is because he crucified a 15 year old kid, but I guess you knew that already.

Maybe stop jerking off to your self righteousness and tell the truth for once.

*He sighs.*

Oh and stop spreading lies about me, if you actually would have talked to someone who knew me, you would know that there is nothing that I despise more than religions.

*He pauses.*

Alright "Chessure", get a better fucking fake name and have a nice day.

*He is about to release the PTT button but waits as he adds one last thing.*

Oh and by the way the trade routes between those idiots and the Northern Alliance are as follows:

From Nadezihno to Rogovo to Kabanino to Grishino to Ratnoe and the second one is

from Nadezihno to Rogovo to Kabanino to Vybor to Lopatino

if you are fast enough you might get them before they change them.

*Anton tosses the radio to the side and leans back closing his eyes again.*

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*The Don picks up his radio, furiously*

You must have a death wish motherfucker, And im the fucking genie. I will fucking leave you hanging you bastard!

*He grows more angry*

Honestly man, you must truly be fucking retarded. I will fucking kill you Anton, I promise you that. You really think you can touch me? you had to try and get one of my guys to hand me over because your irrelevant ass could not do it yourself. Not only could you not do it yourself, but you could not do it before I had my men, when it was just me. Now, I have support and you seriously think you can do it ? you really think you can touch me Anton? ME? I AM THE FUCKING DON! YOU ARE AN IRRELEVANT PIECE OF FUCKING SHIT THAT I WIPE OFF OF THE BOTTOM OF MY SHOE!

*He slows his breathing*

It is time for you to give up, or you will die. Make your choice.

*He slams down his radio*

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*Anton wanting to answer has to wait a few secconds before he and Ellie next to him calmed down from laughing, he pushes the PTT button down and responds. He tries to be serious and not laugh but fails, so Ellie speaks first.*


*Anton takes a deep breath before he speaks.*

Thanks for proving my point, you fucking retard.

*They start laughing again and he has to release the PTT button.* 

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*Daniel flicks on the PTT*

What are the fucking laws of this state ?

You know In case I break any of them.

*Daniel flicks of the PTT* 

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