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Ritual 1 [Open Frequency]

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*A voice comes onto the frequency, low and deep it echos down the frequency..*

"Darkness bind my soul to thee, 

*Another voice is heard in the background, the sound of a young woman.* 

"Stop, please, don't do this to me!!"

"Keep me safe in my hour of need,"

"I dont deserve this, please, noo !!!"

"Watch my sacrifice as this blood is spilt,"

"What... is... that.... no.. no"

Guardian of evil and death free my soul.

Satanic bonding here I make,

*Screams can be heard and a harsh blunt sound*

Spill this blood my soul to take,

Free me now or so ill be,

An earthly body never set free."

*The voice stops, a startling scream is heard and then silence.....*

"You think your safe here in this harbour town but now Ive come its your time to drown"

*The frequency dies and the voice can no longer be heard*

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