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Why, hello there everyone

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Hello everyone. Ill be honest, i have heard about this community a long tome ago, but after watching a live stream from Wolf_Girl, I have to be honest, really peaked my interest. I am a role-play fan. Although i have only done typed based rp, I think this would be a cool way to get into speech rp. if that makes sense 0-0. I plan on buying DayZ soon here, seeing it 15% off on the Steam Halloween Sale. All that aside, here are a few quick facts about me:

I got the name SalmonGrenades after being given a t-shirt with the outline of a salmon and the outline of a grenade under it as reward for winning a boxing match against my brother... using boxes... yea

I'm usually a vary laid back and chill person. It normally would take a LOT to get on my bad side. as for me to get on your bad side? tell me to stop whats annoying you, and i will stop. (hopefully you don't have to do that anyway)

And to end it, i'm going to add a random fact to spice this up, I like pie. apple pie is favorite, but any pie will do.

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Hi there and welcome to the community.

I wish you good luck with your whitelist! :D

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Hello Salmon Grenades

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Welcome to the community salmon! <3

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Asuh dude!

Welcome to the community. If you need any help with your whitelist don't forget to ask a Community Helper and don't forget to thoroughly look through the Rules and Newcomers Guide

Also I don't think it would harm you to familiarise yourself with the Lore

I hope you enjoy your stay! :D

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