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Top 3 Games with Great Graphics

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Hey what's up guys, it's DoraFeed, and today I'm going to be sharing my top three best graphics games.

Black Desert


Black Desert stomps almost all games out there in graphics. This is a beautiful MMO that entertained me for many months at release, however once you reach a certain point in the game, it gets very boring. This is the reason why I stopped from being one of the top players in North America, to one of the many people in the community who has left.

Fallout 4


Fallout 4 is a very beautiful single player RPG where you take on the wastelands to find your son. Alone, the game is phenomenal in graphics however with the a very flexible modding system, you can turn your game from 0 to 100.



You're all aware of what Miscreated is, but on the off chance you've been living under a bag of Doritos your entire life, here's the gist. DayZ done right. You'll find that the scenery is astonishing and also terrifying. 

Please share games that you feel have amazing graphics.

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I agree with the list Dora..

You're all gonna be mad but...

DayZ - Maxed Out - Digital Vibrance at 100%(Nvidia GPU'S) (In a nuthsell, SweetFX) - Daytime - 1920x1080... Be amazed.

Battlefield 1 - Digital Vibrance at 100% - 1920x1080. - High+ Settings.

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Star Citizen, no contest



Cant wait to buy this for my children when it releases

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Here is sum gud shit:

Witcher 3.

Simply put: Great graphics, great story, boobs etc.


Arma 3.

Where men become gamers.


GTA 5.

Great graphics, game play and story.

Singleplayer is still good. Multiplayer right now is still broken. Rockstar plz fix.


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