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To Blackwood and Former Blackwood [Private Frequency]

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*The fire crackled, logs split and burning in the night as Calvin walked up to it, ghillie shifting as he dropped a few more stray twigs on it. A deep sigh followed, his eye catching his red armband and glaring at it for a moment. Before long he unloosened it, holding the red fabric across his gloved hands. Thoughts entered his mind, the burning sensation of rage that had built up from promises un-fullfilled, from morality gone astray.*

"A man must choose what flag he carries."

"Even if it is no flag at all."

*The words echoed in his mind and before long he fished the radio out of his magazine pouch, choking up on the plastic receiver to reach the PTT button. He gave pause for a moment, clutching the red cloth in his gloved hand before speaking calmly into the radio.*

"Most of you know me, little of you have heard me."

"But I've sat here with cup boiling nigh too long to do something."

"I cannot be a Captain anymore, cannot be a part of Blackwood. I cannot be a part of something that I once thought to be the moral paradigm of this God forsaken country. The limit reached when we started going after kids, who wish only to make sense of the world and seek their own future. They may be misguided, taken advantage of... But I can't... And I won't kill a child. I won't kill a human being who has not experienced life or has not had ample time to change their ways."

"Oh I know what I'm saying will be my own death warrant, I know that many of you will come after me because of that same fucked decree that you call a fucking law."

"The only way to leave Blackwood is in a bodybag."

"I'm counting on soldiers to come after me, I'm counting on the people I once called brothers to hunt me down like a dog, I'm counting on that black banner to be waved as dozens of you open fire."

*Emotion tugs at his voice, pent up and overflowing for too long to be stopped as tears streak down from his face.*

"The day I set my flag down, it'll be over my body, or in favor of a nation I believe in."

"One that doesn't hunt down children like a bunch of blood thirsty savages, one that doesn't value silent loyalty over challenging progress, one that will fight for something that is actually right, morally right. And I know that nation is not Blackwood, will not be... Blackwood... Which why I say, to all of you."

*With a lofty toss, Calvin throws his red cloth armband into the fire, the cloth catching fire as it lays on the crackling pile of wood.*

"Goodbye, brothers."

*The transmission fizzles out as he slips the radio back into his magazine pouch, disappearing off into the woods, the fire smoldering as time passes, until only embers remain.*

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*Kanen listens closely to what Calvin is saying on the radio. Nodding his head as he approaches Hicks grave at the bottom of refuge. Staring at the ground where his best friend and brother lays he takes his weapon and places it on the ground. He continues to reach for his radio of his vest and presses down the PTT*

I didn't agree with what they wanted to do either. It doesn't matter now what lasted for a while seems to be all over.

*He pauses for a moment staring at the ground*

Blackwood promised me one thing and they could not deliver. Hicks died for no reason and I am left here alone with no one by my side. Blackwoods gone and so's everything else in my eyes

*He pauses again and you can hear a click faintly in the background sounding like he's taking the safety off his gun*

Stay strong brother. You're all good men in my eyes and calvin keep your head up and held high and keep on going for me, for Hicks.... For everyone.   Kanen signing off

*He places his radio and beret on Hicks grave and you can just hear what he's saying*

See you soon brother.

*Kanen lifts the pistol to his head slowly and starts to cry. After a few seconds you hear a gunshot and the radio goes cold*

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Eli takes out his radio and holds down the PTT

Actions speak louder then words, the child you speak of Fox.. If Blackwood wanted her dead...

She would be dead.

After a brief pause Eli speaks again

Nobody from Blackwood will hunt other Milita under Blackwood creed. Why? Like a friend said Blackwood died long ago. 

And since I fly no banner time to do what I do... I heard of a nice place up north worth fucking with. Tadoodle.

Eli releases the PTT and starts making his way north.

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