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Sweetheart - [Private Frequency]

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*Following the aftermath of today Tim would walk back to his tent close enough to the town that a radio call he'd be in running distance. Close to a small stream he would place his bruised and bloody hands in the stream and begin to clean away the dirt from the wounds on his hands and place bandages around each of them.. He'd then pick up the radio and begin transmitting*

"Sonja.. Well, today was.. Lets say interesting? Wouldn't have pictured our first face to face meet including me pulling you out of such a shitty situation. This sort of shit could have been solved a lot sooner if you had mentioned it to me? But then again.. It could have also been avoided if I had noticed the signs earlier. Either way, the cunt has gone north and won't be coming back"

*Tim coughs once nervously hoping that the burial location was hidden well enough away that she wouldn't stumble upon it*

"As I said, I'll be around for the next week or so dealing with.. Business, while I'm around I hope that you trust me enough to actually bring matters that you want to discuss to me instead of keeping them to yourself. Anyway, anything you need, I'm here sweetheart."

*Tim would place his radio slowly back on his belt and return to the stream attempting to clean off his blood covered gloves to remove any evidence of what took place*

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If it was the events of the day or the fact that she did not have her own bed to sleep in tonight that was keeping her up, she did not know. All the thinking had given her a headache, causing her to crawl up into a ball on the bed. The radio resting in her hand as she was waiting for Tim to contact her again. When she finally heard his voice coming through the speakers, she placed her palm over it to muffle the sound. Not knowing all the features of the radio yet. His voice brought a smile on her face and made her feel more comfortable.

" It sure was. I was not supposed to make contact with strangers like you... I'm afraid my friends might still hold it against me. Not everyone was present to see what happened and might not accept that you chased Ben north. We will try and explain it to them, don't worry. "

She suddenly frowns, questioning why on earth she thinks he would worry. She clears her throat and answers with a more sharp tone in her voice.

" I can take care of my own problems. You and your friends do not need to involve yourself. Don't want to be more in debt to you than I already are. "

The transmission ends suddenly as she buries her face into the pillow and groan. Frustrated that she couldn't get him out of her head.

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*Shocked to get a reply from Sonja so quickly Tim jumps towards his radio grabbing it and with a huge grin on his face from cheek to cheek he replies with haste*

"Certainly didn't expect a reply, that fast too. We'll explain everything tomorrow but from what I saw people had no problem with pointing him out to be the cunt of the group, so I'm sure things will be fine. 

*Nervously he repeatedly taps his leg to think of what to say next, feeling responsible and worried for what problems might arise from this Tim decides that he'll be sticking around the area without a thought*

"I'm well aware you can take care of yourself, I have no doubts but for my own state of mind I'll be around as will my friends if help is needed but I should be able to handle whatever is thrown my way. As for the whole debt thing as I said you owe me NOTHING *He would say clearer* I don't expect any form of repayment from you, at all.

*Tim would place his bag underneath his head inside of the tent with the door closed and his head laying on his bag while holding his radio in his hand close by*

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She raises her head from the pillow to listen. Hearing him talking like he is planning to come back to the city makes her heart beat a bit faster and causes her to feel the need to respond. Her voice sounds curious as she asks.

" You coming back tomorrow already? I thought you liked to stay north... This business of yours south... What is it? "

She takes a short break before she adds to the response. 

" Well... Just stealing the words from your mouth, for my own state of mind, I want to repay you. So I don't feel like I'm in debt. I don't have much but I can pick apples or something? I know how to sew, decent? And I uhhh.... " 

Not knowing what to offer a person who seemed to be much more prepared for this world than her, she felt a bit stupid for even trying.

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*Tim, picks up his radio that's sat down beside him listens in worrying the outcome of what could happen if Bobby were to find out about him telling her information about contracts begins to transmit*

"Yes, I'll be wondering through and probably stop in for a little chat with everyone. See how things are going. As for the north yes, it's a lot more profitable but it's far from enjoyable up north, I'll tell you some stories sometime with a bite to eat. In the south we've currently got some shit going on down here with that Military group I told you steer clear from. There'll be a fight that's for sure but it'll all be fine. Basically we've had something open on a couple of people for a while and they've decided to team up with.. Someone that I'd prefer to keep you away from."

*Worried that these people would walk through Tim makes preparations for a move closer to the treeline on the edge of the town to keep a proper eye over everything*

"The people we deal with are far from nice, not the sort that I want you to be dealing with. Due to them being quite close to where you and your people settle this is the reason I am going to be close by quite a lot. I have nothing that I need, really. Please, keep what you have I really, really don't need it. You can sew decent? If I ever need something patching up I know who to come to from now, if that counts as a repayment for you? I'll be getting some shut eye now, sleep well and stay safe sweetheart."

*Tim would place the radio next to him again lowering the volume and turning off the gas powered lamp before sleeping reading the contract list as a reminder for the long day ahead tomorrow*

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She had heard the response from Tim the day before. But at that point, it was too much information for her tired brain to handle. Falling asleep she was determined to remember most of his words. When she woke up there was one particular part of his transmission that she remembered. Answering hoping that he was listening.

" I am very interested to hear stories of this place, and food is only a bonus... "

She smiles softly before she reminds herself about the rest of the content of his radio transmission.

" A fight... So close to my home? You um... You need to be careful... I don't want them coming here. "

Her voice sounds worried. If it's for him or her own group was not easy to tell.

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*Tim was woken up by Sonjas transmission he quickly grabs his radio from his chest and replies*

"Quite a lot of the stories you might not enjoy but I'll be sure to tell the good and funny side of this place if anything. I'll get a bit of food together and we'll have a chat sometime soon."

*He would take notice of her concern about the upcoming fights*

"It's two towns over where they mainly patrol but the first time we spoke over the radio I found one of them at the start of the airstrip where the incident took place last night.. They all then proceeded to wonder into the town, knowing you were nearby I didn't let anything kick off but I promise we'll keep it away from your people. My main and only concern is keeping you safe and away from these cunts."

*Tim would place his radio back on his belt but keep it on at a reasonable volume to hear another message come through, eagerly awaiting a reply Tim would pack his belongings and tent up and begin to move them closer to the town*

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Sonja smiles before she responds again.

" Good and funny you say. We will see about that "

She tries to remember all the events from the day they first spoke.

" Were they the three men coming up behind you? I almost crashed into them before I was able to hide. If these guys are as bad as you say the distraction from you might have saved my life. "

Sonja closes her eyes. Still not able to understand why someone would do so much for a stranger.

" Why? Are you helping all strangers this way? I could have been a murderer planning to kill you... It is almost like you think I'm someone else. "

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*Tim picking up his radio before moving his belongings closer replies*

"Three? Turned out to be about six guys running to confront me and a pal no doubt they have more though."

*He pauses for a moment not knowing how to reply to such a question, taking a deep breath and letting out a sigh he replies nervously*

"When you've been north and seen all kinds of crazy shit it'll change your view on the way you treat people who are actually trying to survive in this shit hole without doing the unspeakable. Small little settlements and groups like yourselves give me a small amount of hope. It's.. Nice."

*Placing his tent just north of the town Tim would sit down on his packet tent setting up a small gas stove, heating up some hot water he'd place a teabag into a flash and begin pouring for a nice hot brew and await a response.*

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*Tim laying bandaged but bleeding heavily grabs the radio upon remembering a previous comment from Sonja he picks up his radio with haste*

"Sonja.. I.. I'm in a spot of bother.. If I remember rightly you said someth.."

*the radio cuts out and comes back on while Tim moves his hand holding the radio to his wounds groaning and yelling in pain*

"You said something about being able to sew well? I've taken a couple of bullets and I need to do me a favor.. If you're not too squeemish I need some fuckin help.. Let me know."

*He would place the radio in the grass next to him holding his wounds with more pressure in an attempt to prevent mass bloodloss and await a reply*

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Sonja hears the change in his voice and knows something is wrong. However, the group had kept her busy with errands and she still felt that meeting Tim was something they did not accept. Not excusing herself from the rest of the group before they were done for the day. Her voice was panicked as she finally got time to respond to him.

" Tim?! Tim, are you still here? I am so sorry for not answering you earlier! Has someone helped you? I have only sewn fabric! I- I can try helping you b- but there must be someone who can do it better. "

Scared to have responsibility but still feeling desperate to help she hold the radio close as she nervously waits for a reply.

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*Tim sat sat at the side of a road with his back to a concrete post holding his arm tight to the side of his body to still prevent bloodloss attempts to make contact*

"The most my people could do is patch me up.. Hasn't stopped anything, bloods still fuckin' flowing."

*He'd be coughing heavy and groans of pain would follow*

"Th.. The bullets went through, luckily. Just need these fuckin holes stitched up and I'm good to go.. If you're not up for it I'll try and walk north chances are I'll drop before then, let me know if you can get it done."

*throwing his radio down next to him Tim would drag himself to a well to clean the wounds and change his bandages awaiting a response*

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Sonja feels her heart beat out of control and she becomes dizzy, not good at handling bad news.

" Don't!! Don't walk north. Y- You can come to our city... I will try my best and help you, ok? "

She gets up and rush over to her bag to see if she have everything needed. A spool of thread and a simple needle were all she had to use. 

" I don't have any painkillers... "

She whispers feeling bad for him. Not sure if her stomach could handle what she was preparing to do.

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*Tim, just barely able to stand walked back to his radio and picked it up*

"Right, well.. I'll attempt to get there, it's a few towns over so you might need to sneak out and meet me half way.."

*He'd let out a few blood curdling coughs before talking again*

"Ay, I don't think a small prick has done damage to anyone in the past"

*He'd attempt to laugh but it'd be followed by a punishment of heavy coughs*

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Hearing him expecting her to leave the city makes her stop everything she is doing and consider the dangers. She picks up the radio and softly answers, sounding worried.

" I have only been in the big city by the apartments, and that one was crowded with dead ones and people with guns... "

She swallows hard and frown, knowing that she owes him this.

" Do I follow the road trough the big city and over the bridges? I have no idea where it leads but if you tell me to meet you on that road I.. I trust your word. "

She slides her backpack on, getting ready to go meet him.

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*Tim hears her concern and the little experience away from her people*

"Do... Don't worry. I'll make it to where you're shacked up and we'll go from there."

*Tim cracks a smile*

"It's nice to see theres trust now.. See ya soon."

*He'd go back to pressing against his wounds*

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She frowns a bit, knowing it won't be good for him.

" No. Stay on the side of the road. I don't even know if they want you here. Trust me. I will be there soon, I can make it. "

She sounds determined.

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*Tim with radio in one hand and his other arm wrapped around a pal talked into the radio*

*You two sets of breaths panting*

"Don't come outside for now, hide. It's NOT safe."

*He'd be moaning with pain all while having a nervous worried voice*

"Northerners.. The.. The bad ones are in the area, I've been dragged into the forest by one of my lads.. I'll do what I can to keep the bleeding to a minimum but just be safe."

*A thud is heard as Tim falls to the ground and drags himself into a tree*

*He'd look towards Jericho as he hits the ground still while holding down the talk button*

"Here will do lad, now fuck off and get back to the others. I'll meet you nearby soon keep your radio on"

*Both would nod in agreement and he'd now be alone*

"Sonja, I'll come back soon stay safe."

*Static can be heard and Tim lowers his radio volume to keep cover under the tree*

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Sonja can hear how much pain he is and that he sounds panicked, knowing that he is only saying this to keep her out of it. Ignoring the fact that he might be dying for all she knows.

" I know how to move unnoticed... They won't find me. I will bring the radio with me. See you soon. "

She ignores his advice.

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*Tim hearing her bravery pulls the radio closer*

"Please, don't.. I'm telling you that it will not go well."

*His voice would get softer and quieter as if he is getting weaker*

"I'm more worried about you, don't put yourself in harms way. You know I'm good for my word, I'll come meet you after things are cleared up and everything will be fine."

*He'd hold his radio close hoping that she's stayed put in safety.*

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Sonja sigh hearing him finally making contact again. She sounds a bit out of breath as she responds.

" I already left home. I'm not sure where I am at the moment... Just tell me where you are, I want to help. "

She sounds a bit nervous and angry as you hear her walking.

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*Tim, sat on the log of a knocked down tree now with another wound in his leg clutching at his radio hoping and praying for a reply talks into the radio*

"Sonja?.. A.. Are you okay!? I swear I didn't know what they wanted or who they were otherwise I would have told you to keep running.. I'm so fucking sorry, I don't know where you are or what they did to you but they'll get theirs.. I hope your friends are okay too, last thing you lot need is a shittier perspective of this hell hole. I promise, I'll sort this."

*Shaking with anger but worried for Sonja's well being he'd take his belt off, tie it around his leg to slow down the bleeding and prepare to continue his search*

"If you're actually hearing this, tell me where you are and I'll come. Whatever fucking happened we'll deal with it. If you need anything, I'll get it.

You need to convince your people that the south is not a safe place for them right now, they need to be moved and I'm more than willing to help. Please, get in touch if you can.. Speak to you soon, sweetheart."

*Tim would put his radio into a pouch on his vest with the volume on maximum listening for the slightest reply*

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Sonja lays quietly in a strangers house. She had been able to reach for the radio Maxine gave her and turned it into Tim's frequency, just before she fell back into deep sleep. His voice trough the radio woke her up but her body was too weak to make any sense out of a reply.

" Nhhh... I-.. Help..."

She whimpers with a weak voice.

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*Tim hearing a reply begins erratically trying to get his radio out of his pocket he'd smack the tree with the palm of his hand and lean on it to take pressure off of his leg*

"Fuck.. No.. Please no, where are you? Can you speak? Just something to identify where you are and I'll flip the whole fucking town upside down.. Just something.."

*Tim remembering his previous losses his voice would lower*

"For the love of fucking god, please be safe"

*Tim would wait by the same tree awaiting a response*

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Sonja had been able to hear most of Tim's worry. But her body was too tired to respond, despite her wanting to calm him down so badly. The only thing she could do for hours was staring at the radio as tears streamed from her dilated eyes. It had gone dark outside before Sonja's body had filtrated enough of the drugs out of her blood to be able to move again. First thing she did was reach for the radio with shaken hands, struggling to keep the transmission button down because of this.

" T- Tim. I'm alive... "

Her voice sounds tired as she mumbles out the words.

" Are you alright? You were hurt before it all started... I should never have ran back to you with them. I'm so sorry... "

She sobs quietly over the radio feeling guilt. She tries to sit up to figure out where she is but she can't recognise the place nor remember exactly how she ended up here. She glances down at her lap and notices letters written on her underarm, frowning as she tries to read what it says.

" I- I don't know where I am Tim... I will make my way back to the camp somehow, the moment I have the energy to do so... I'm so tired Tim... They have written instructions for me on my arm. I'm scared... "

She is breathing heavy, reaching for her backpack to take her vital medicine.

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