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The Cartel v2 [NOW HIRING]

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Vic    0




The blood stained lands of Chernarus had been burdened by war and death for two years of apocalypse now, two long years. Many groups had come and gone, but what had never left was the danger. Everyone in this new world wanted their place in the spotlight. Everyone wanted their name known and feared by becoming the biggest and baddest bandit in the land. People all over were forced to kill, to steal, to torture and the like, but many more learned to love to do these things, to do them for pleasure rather than merit. This cruel new world had bred such people but several stood out amongst all the murderers and cannibals: Victor Cruz and David Mack among them. The two had not only survived the end times but had thrived and became feared and known Chernarus as fearsome men. The type who will travel a continent to skin alive those who would dare cross them. The men who are the subject of horror stories told around a campfire. Cruz and Mack were restless with the climate of groups in Chernarus especially with their most recent group “The Savages” departing for new lands.

“Look at all these fools Vic” David mockingly exclaimed. “Fucking all of em tryin to be relavent, but they’re clueless when it comes to who really runs this country, to who the real one’s are.” Vic chuckled at the expression. “That’s true, these mongrels all have quite the bark! That certainly hasn’t changed even with the Savages trying to… humble them all.” 

“How many poor stupid fucks do we have to kill to get the message across we’re on top here?” David asked Vic. Vic paused, and looked at David suddenly with a more serious expression. “It isn’t just about killing anymore, now it’s more about making a statement. I know you get that but hear me out amigo.” David nodded and listened as Vic spoke. “People these days respect strength and numbers yes this is true. But the end of the world has done more than just make food scarce and corpses walk. Only those men and women more stubborn than a damn mule are left alive, as they are the only ones who had the determination to last this long. This far into this shit? A bit of death is common place now. What we need is to show we can have the kind of power over them without killing anyone, without firing a single shot. Now THAT, is power.”

David shook his head. “We’ve tried shit like this man, these fucking idiots never learn.” Vic smiled a sadistic smile. “They never learn because they have hope amigo. They feel so proud and strong and independent for making it this far. You only survive if you are your own man now. But what made even the richest and most powerful men shake like mongrels in the past? A man like me. Take any powerful crime lord for example, they had more influence and power than some politicians. People came to them, they didn’t just fear them but they loved them too. They knew he had eyes and ears everywhere, his reach followed them everywhere. We cant just dominate these pendejos David, we have to show them not only do we own them, but they need to keep it that way. Like when a man owes a loan shark, but that money is all that is keeping him afloat.”

David looked at Vic a bit confused. “Man I just wanna fuck shit up, kill some fools. But I mean you wanna try this your way, make some kinda mafia cartel shit then fuck I’ll do it. I’ll be surprised you get this land tamed, but hell lets give it a try.” And so the two agreed, a new type of organization would be born. A group that would be a snake, luring Chernarus in making its people feel they can rely on her, that clamping down with her fangs. Forcing subservience, through fear and power. The Cartel was rising.



Victor Cruz -Vic

David Mack - ProbablePado

Nikolas Sladek - Randle

Dr.Hope Pisces-Cruz - Hope

Paul Froyer - Hellish

Dragoslav Novak - Harvey

Isabel Rojenikov - Bizbok

Stanley Coffery - Volke

James Hamilton - Jewell

Rick Mazreous - Rick

Stiles Tee - Powdaw

James Skinner - TheMatt924

Ezekial Torres - Bandos

Ilia Mishin - kala



Send the following Information to Pado via PM.


OOC Age:

Time Zone:

DayZ Experience:

DayZRP Experience:

Why you would like to join?:

Back-story summary:

Previous Clans:

What can you bring to The Cartel?:

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William    427

Thread looks nice, good luck

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DickSlide    250

Best of luck Vic.

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Randle    927

'we really out here'


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Ender    628

damn that logo is fucking amazing

Good luck on this Vic I cant wait to see you all running around

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Clumsy    226

Good luck Vic!

I look forward to see what this group can do.

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Majoo    742

Lookin good. Good luck :)

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