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A Fresh Start

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Hey Guys,

So my previous encounters although playing the game for some time, were for the lack of better terms, were not the best. I recieved a few reports upon trying too rap my head around how too truly RP and immerse myself while still playing in a hostile enviroment. Not all of the community intends too shoot and rob you!! But regardless I'm wanting too truly give it a fresh go and learn and play the game accordingly too this wonderful server. My character's name is Jax Spark. A little rough around the edges, but a big ol' Teddy Bear. Im hoping too dive deep into the server's and most definately be an example of the ideal player on DAYZRP. Forgive me for any past negative experiences. I truly intend too start off the right foot.

Thanks too everyone who plays and runs the server's you've definately given me a escape periodically from the every day hectic's of Life and the complications that come with it xD 


Brandon (Jax Spark)

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Buddy    823


I'm sure that your big 'ol Teddy Bear will fit in just nicely among everyone here. As per the new environment.. this is most definitely a big leap forward compared to what you would find in public servers. I hope that you find everything here to your liking!


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