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Danny's Brother?[Private Frequency]

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*Whilst Danny walks off to take a piss, Jake would notice a book hanging out of Danny's bag. He looks around to see if Danny is near and notices he isn't. He looks in the book realising its a book of radio frequencies. Whilst flicking through the book, he finds the frequency of an old friend who he hadn't seen in a long time. It was Lenny Smith, Danny's brother. He goes to the frequency on his radio and presses the PTT button.*

"Lenny? You there bud? I don't know if you remember me or not since I haven't seen you since you joined the Pagans. Its Jake... Jake Kai."

*Jake stops for a moment, thinking of what to say. He looks towards the direction Danny went, still no sign of him returning.*

"Anyway, I've been running around with your brother Danny. Fuckin' hell he knows a shit load of people as well. Recently I've been thinking, with a lot of stuff going on with Danny. I only just really thought about it.. Where the fuck are you?

*He sighs, shaking his head a moment as he looks at Danny's stuff.*

"I mean, I've heard about all this shit that went down with you and all that but come the fuck on, Danny's your brother and you've gone and ditched him near enough around the time he just got here? Well, that's what I've heard anyway. The kid came all the way over here just looking for you and you're gone."

*Jake hears rustling in the bushes as Danny is coming back. He chucks the book back in the bag and quickly finishes up.*

"Anyway, I've got to go. If you're there, reply to me mate. He could really do with you being about."

*He releases the PTT button, greeting Danny as he returns.*

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Beni    672

*Lenny sits on the side of his bed and looks at Katie, still asleep and grins to himself... His radio would burst to life from an unfamilier voice... He didn't recognise the voice... After listening to the mans message, he then frowns and presses the PTT Button*

" Jake.. Jake... Uhhh, not ringin' a bell pal... "

*He would pause and walk out of the bedroom, and heads outside*

" You've been runnin' around with my brother eh? *Laughs* Well, I mean.. That kid runs around with a lot of fuckin' people... He's got a crew.. A whole fuckin' army behind him... I hear about him all the time, I still speak to some people down south...  

*He would think back to Jake saying " Where are you? " *

Uh, That doesn't matter where I am... Danny doesn't need me anymore, what he'd find wouldn't be his brother anymore... I didn't ask him to come here, he should've just stayed fuckin' back in Manny with his mother... I still love the kid but.. What he'd see wouldn't be the brother he'd remember pal...

Stay safe...

*Lenny releases the PTT Button*

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