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WARNING EAS[Multitude of Open Frequencies]

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Finnr is hauling down the last out of three car batteries in to a radio control room at the Tisy Military Base, it has taken him a good couple of hours to find all of them that still had some electricity left in them but he had gotten it done. All that was left to do was hook all of them up to the power cables after he seperated them from the main power grid. It was an easy task he had done it before changing electricity sources. He sighed deeply tough knowing he had only enough to probably power 1 or 2 of the lights and the radio control panel. But it would be enough to get an idea of what was still in the right shape for him to actually work with.

About an hour or two had passed since he started seperating the cables and started attaching the wiring to the car batteries and he was finally done. he clicked on the switch he installed in the middle so he wouldn't actually electrucute himself. And there it was light' and the old control panel woke up from the death kicking and screaming offcourse but slowly and steadily it booted up.

Finnr walked towards the front of the control panel and looked at everything, in the light it was clearly visible that it wasnt Chernarussian on the control panel but Russian. He sighed to himself realising that it was something he should've expected it was probably an old Soviet base after all.

He mumbled to himself something along the lines of lets see. His Russian was pretty rusty so he needed to be carefull with what he actually touched.

There it was in big fat letters радиовещание. "Perfect" Finnr proclaimed out loud and flipped the switch right underneath it, the red light above the lettering jumped on.


and suddenly a sound was heard over the speakers of the machine and at the same time his own personal radio. He jumped from the suddeness of everything and the ear screaching sound. "GOD FUCKING DAMMIT" He yelled realising that he fucked up. After the screaching sound had stopped he heard a russian voice, his heart was pumping with adrenaline uncertain his russian was too rusty for this shit. he listened closely to try and translate what the man was saying.

Attention! Attention! Citizens! Air-raid Warning! Air-raid Warning! Russia was attacked by the U.S of A.

His eyes widdened he realised that this was a prerecorded message incase of an attack on the Soviets WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT STILL DOING THERE.

The adrenaline pumped trough his body even faster he had to figure out how to switch of the machine he started looking over the panel francticly.

Possible use of nuclear weapons.

"SHIT" He yelled out as loud as he could. The machine needed to be shut off now! He went back to the radio switch and flipped it off. The light kept going. He satrted turning switch on-off-on-off Atleast 10 times before Realising it wasn't helping.

Turn off electricity, gas, water, extinguish a fire in the furnace.

"GOD FUCKING-" he yelled again. He took two steps back and went over to his radio. He flipped trough alot of frequencies and the hair on his back stood up straight when he realised alot of frequencies were hearing this, things were not going as planned at all!

Bring a gas mask, documents, supply of food and water.

"Wait what?! Do they know where this place is? Are fucking Chernarussians gonna show up here.... SHIT!" He yelled to himself

Warn your neighbors, provide assistance to elderly and the sick, stay calm, find shelter or take cover on the ground.

He sighed with a small form of relief they didn't know it was just a statement "Oh thank the lord" he mumbled.

Do not use your phone, telephone lines should be free to use the special services.

"Right they wont be using that radio message" He said to himself slowly plopping down on the ground not knowing what to do.

Do not panic!

"Already failed" he said to himself out loud.

Use the radio to receive messages from the Chief Directorate of Civil Defense of Chernarus region.

"Great" he proclaimed to himself again.

The message goes on repeat.

The message repeats itself a second time fully before Finnr finally stands up and gets an idea. He pulls out his magnum and pulls the trigger on all 4 of the car batteries. He walks out of the room. and slowly mumbles to himself "Last time I set foot in that cursed room"

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*Kirill travels trough the nothern woods. He walks out on a field, when his radio comes suddenly to life. The russian warning broadcast can be heard. He winces, when he hears it. He grabs his radio in his jeans, takes it out, turns around and throws it against the nearest tree. The radio falls down slightly damaged, but still broadcasting the message. Kirill walks slowly to it, while taking out a lead pipe from his bag. He hits the radio once, twice, thrice... He keeps smashing it with the lead pipe. In one accidental hit he strikes the PTT button and smashes it in, so it starts to broadcast.*

You can hear a mix of impacts and russian cursing.

Zatknis suka blyat! Zatkni-

A hit can be heard and after that, the message goes silent.

*Kirill stands up straight. The radio is scattered all over the place. He puts the lead pipe back to his bag and mumbles to himself.*

Pizdec! Don't you think it's a little late for that kind of a message?

*He turns around and keeps going trough the field.*

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