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100.17 [Private Frequency]

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*Ace, remembering the frequency the strange man with the accent had given him flips to it and speaks into the radio holding down the PTT*

Ah yes ranging from the psychos that went ape shit trying to experiment on people I think it was the SOF they called themselves... But yeah those were scientists and not engineers. You see tomodachi I am trying to find men that may be of assistance with a "project" I was thinking of, I know a thing or two about fission reactors and uranium but not to the university level anyhow I'd like to speak in person rather than speaking over the radio, nothing gets done with just speaking over this rather it'd be in our best interest to talk face to face. You may pick the destination if you are still willing to listen.

*Puts his radio away and sighs thinking of his lost love Elisa*

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