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Danny [Private Frequency]

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*Fox plays around with the necklace Danny gave her the other day, staring at the empty streets of Grishino from up the roof of the police station. She sighs and grabs her radio to contact Danny. She presses down the PTT*

Danny, it's Fox.

I've met Anton the other day.

*She pauses for a second*

He said you were gonna leave blackwood? And that you seemed kinda..

*She sighs*


I'm getting worried about you, Danny.

And I think we should talk.

*She takes a sip out of her waterbottle*

Let me know if, when and where.

*She releases the PTT, puts the radio and the bottle back in her backpack and makes her way up north*

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*Danny would be sitting on top of the bus station roof, looking over near the hospital when he hears the radio go off, normally he would ignore it but it was Fox... He shot up and reached for his back, tripping over as he does... He then listens to the rest of the radio message and grins to himself, then presses the PTT*

" Fox... I uh... "

*Danny would sigh would releif.. Hearing her voice*

" You met A-Anton?... What he said was true... Because truth is...

*Danny would release the PTT, and think to himself " What have I got to lose? " Before pressing it again*

" The only reason I originally joined Blackwood, was for you...

 And now that you've gone... I don't see the point of me being there.. They're never around... So now.. I've got no one... I mean fair enough I'm still friends with them.. And people like Lyca are close to me but... But...*sighs* I mean, I can protection at a click of a finger... But... I don't know...

*He would look at Jake, carrying firewood, and grin to him*

You know the whole Blackwood Law? About leaving in a bodybag? I don't want that for you... Remember when I said " If you're gonna hurt anyone, hurt me? " To Bryan.... That would go the same way with Blackwood...

*He would pause*

" I'm worried about you to... I miss you... I'll contact you soon... I promise... " 

*The PTT would go silent*

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*Fox smiles when hearing Danny's response. She takes out her radio and presses the PTT while fiddling around with her necklace*

Don't you worry about me, I got my family around me. I doubt they are even looking for me. And if, they won't get me.

*She chuckles*

You should accept Anton's offer of sticking around with him. He had a lot of people and seemed to know what he is doing.

You know.. Just in case if Blackwood is looking for you.

*She sighs*

Listen, if you need to talk, I am here, just give me a shout.

I can't travel alone at the moment but I will manage to get something set up.

*She pauses for a second to check her back*

And if Blackwood makes any attempts of looking for you.. Let me know.

*She releases the PTT and takes a deep breath before slowly getting up and going over to Kelsie to see if she is alright*

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*After responding to Lyca as quickly as he could, Danny switches frequencies to his and Fox's and grins to himself stupidly... After hearing Fox's response over the radio he would have a mixture of emotions.... he would then press the PTT*

" Don't worry about you?... You're one of the few people who actually I actually care about... "

*He would remember what happened with Anton, and what Johnny and Julia said to him...*

" Anton took care of me... He know's what he's doing... Truth be told he's family to me... He was the one who made sure I was... Actually, forget about that... "

*He would look at the slash on his arm, and whisper to himself  " Fuck... What is she going to think... "

" Between me and you.. I need someone to talk to, but I don't want to talk to anyone... It's weird I suppose.. It's all getting too heated... "

*Then finally, he would look at the engraved F on his finger...*

" I want to see you soon though.. All the time we see eachother anymore is just on the roads and stuff.. I actually want to see you though.. Like, do something different... As if none of all the walking infected stuff wasn't around... I'll contact you soon.. I promise. "

*Danny would release the PTT Button, waiting for a reply, knowing full well he isn't going to get one*

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