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Lonely Boy

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William    401

Looks pretty good, can't wait to read

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Stiles    21




[spoiler=Episode One] My name is Stiles Tee. I am 16 years old and as of three months ago, I'm alone.

Right now, I'm feeling a mixture of things. I'm scared because everything and everyone is so different now; I also feel ready, to fight my demons.

But there is one strange feeling that I'm feeling... I feel... Excited? I'm not sure what for but whatever.

Maybe I should go back, go back to when I was left on my own...

I was standing in the large fields by Devil's Castle with two of my friends.

Casten and Emanuel.

Casten held onto his gun tight as he spoke up and said:

"Where do we go from here?"

I looked at him, and remember exactly what I said, there is nothing I can forget about that day, nothing at all.

"We've been seperated from the group, the rest are either dead or have been kidnapped, we need to go before those men catch up with-"

This is where it happened, what I was saying was cut short by the sound of a gun shot. I felt something thick and warm hit my face, I looked over at Emanuel who was staring at Casten, my eyes darted over to Casten, he was on his knees now, half of his face, gone. I looked up, behind him, over in the distance I saw him.

He was holding a shotgun, aiming it now at Emanuel.

I ran into Emanuel's side, pushing him to the ground, as I did this another bang was heard. In sync, we both looked up at the man in the distance, he was reloading his double-barreled shotgun, giving us just enough time to stand up and sprint towards the forest.

And so we did, first Emanuel got up and ran, and I stumbled after him.

We were running through the thick over-grown forest, I don't remember which direction we were running in, I just know that I haven't ran that fast, not in a long time.

We continued running, I remember thinking to myself that maybe me and Emanuel could make it out of this,, just maybe.

As these thoughts rushed through my head, a bullet rushed through Emanuels.

I heard a loud bang, I look ahead and see Emanuel fall to the ground.

My heart stopped.

I continued to run, I leaped over his corpse and carried on forwards. I heard another bang and saw the mud behind me splash out into the air.

The man after us missed, for the first time, he missed a shot.

As I stumbled through the trees, the evening sun lowered in the sky and the woodlands became dark.

I remember looking up at the moon for a  second, and then falling.

My foot got caught under the root of an oak tree and I collapsed into what I think was a large dried out river.

I lay in the ditch, so sure that the man was right behind me.

I was right.

I heard footsteps draw closer and heavy breathing.

I looked up, towards where I tripped and saw the figure of a man, his gun was held in both hands, not aiming just yet.

"You know, I really thought you were about to get away, I got a little scared actually,"

After saying that he laughed, his laugh sticks with me, it plays on repeat over and over in my head when I think about what happened.

Sometimes I hear it when I'm not even thinking about it, it's just there.

He aimed his gun down into the ditched, I stared up the nose of his shotgun.

I closed my eyes, almost sure I was about to die.


I still lay there though, why wasn't I dead?

I lay there, still. I felt water begin hitting my leg...

Was this petrol?

I heard a zipper sound and some shuffling.

I heard him walk away, he was whistling this tune. I can't remember how it goes. Well I can, I just try not to remember.

I opened my eyes, I look to my right and see where the bullet hit.

It wasn't even close to me, and then I realised.

It was dark. In his head.

I'm dead.

I look down at my leg where the water had hit,.

This psychopath had pissed, on my leg.

On my leg!

From then I was alone, I stayed in the woodlands for months before I felt like I could come out again, I had no idea if the people I knew lived.

I had no idea if he was still alive.

All I could do is think about the friends that I'd lost.

I think about them now sometimes too.

I try not to think about them too much though,

because if I do I feel like my chest will explode.

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Aeryes    124

Looks good, lets see what happens with this.

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Stiles    21


Looks very promising!

Looks pretty good, can't wait to read

Looks good, lets see what happens with this.

Sounds sick, staying tuned for more :)

Thank you all!!

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Stiles    21




[spoiler=Episode Two]  I climbed out of that hole.

I picked myself up, obviously not very quickly, but picked myself up non-the less.

I'm gonna be honest, yeah, I get I sound like a whimp when I say this but,

It's the truth.

I was too scared to go back out there.

I was too scared to leave the woodland I was left to die in.

And yeah, you're probably thinking...

"But you didn't actually die there, Stiles."

And all I can say to that is.

You're wrong.

I may not have physically died that night.

But a part of me did.

Imagine how you would feel, if one second you feel a sense of hope with the people you trust,

One minute you have people who listen to you and do as you say.

One hour of laughing with them and loving them like family.

One night that took it all away.

Just. Like. That.

It took me three months to leave that woodland.

I dropped the things in my bag that I no longer needed on the woodland floor, and left.

I walked for a few hours.

For the first time in broad daylight I didn't know where I was.

I bumped into a nice American man.

We chatted briefly and he 'bigged himself up.'

Telling me who he was, what he was capable of.

I tried to care, really.

I wish I cared.

But I didn't, honestly he was just company... and so I dealt with:

"People who get on the wrong side of me don't have time to regret it."

"I was somewhat, a leader of a very well known group."

"I can be a lot more dangerous than it looks"

"There is more to me than meets the eye."

"I can do what I want, to who I want."

"You wouldn't understand."

"You're just a kid."

Eventually we stumbled upon Kabanino.

My heart entered my throat as I saw the small town.

One: Because I finally saw a place I remembered and knew.

Two: I thought I knew where to go from there.

We walked towards the back of the barn area.

As we approached to the hole in the back of the wall, we heard voices.

They got louder and louder.

The voices flooded my ears.

One voice stood out, it was that of a Mexican.

A man appeared from the gap in the wall.

He looked over to me and began to speak, loudly.

"We're busy here, if I were you I would go back the way you came."


I didn't know what to say.

My mouth just stopped working.

I couldn't get the words out.

I just stared at him, trying to talk but unable to.

"I'm sorry, did you not hear me?"


I knew this man.

I knew, I knew this man.

I also knew, that I didn't know where I knew this man.

But I knew him; you know?

"Are you stupid? Maybe I should count."


At this point the American man made himself known.

By that I mean he actually spoke instead of just standing there.

"You shouldn't yell at such a young boy like that!"

And then it clicked.

The Mexican.

I knew, I knew him.

Victor Cruz.


As Victor and the American began yelling at each other.

All noise simmered.

I couldn't hear anything but myself.

After several attempts the name came out.


Victor looked over at me, as he did this noise re-entered my ears.

The yelling had stopped as he stared at me.

He looked at me, scanning my posture, size, face and voice one by one.

"It can't be?!"

"It is! My boy, Stiles!"

 I smiled an nodded.

Victor smiled back before turning to the American.

"You can leave now!"

The man stood there, staring back at Victor and slowly began backing away.


"Speed things up, jog."

But he didn't jog. He continued walking with that same stupidly slow pace.

Victor repeated himself but the American who thought I was nothing, was staring at me.

The whole time I spent with him, he treated me like a nobody.

He acted like I would have no-one.

To be honest, I didn't think I had anyone.

It was at this point I realised what Victor was about to do.

When Victor started walking towards him and aimed his gun.



The American looked at me.

I wasn't a nobody.

I had friends.

I'm not just a kid. 


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Awesome read Powdaw! I enjoyed it and cannot wait to read it.

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Ramon    342

I have read it and I like it ;)

Can't wait for part 3!

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Stiles    21

Awesome read Powdaw!  I enjoyed it and cannot wait to read it.

Vic is the star ;)

Sounds good, enjoyed it so far can't wait for more :D

I have read it and I like it ;)

Can't wait for part 3!

Thank you all!!! Really glad you liked it.

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Mr Porky    5

looks good mate, keep it up!

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Stiles    21




[spoiler=Episode Three]  I looked over at the American man who was now in cuffs.

As Victor and his men lead the American back inside the barn area, Victor approached me.

"Walk with me Stiles, it's been a while."

I spoke to him briefly, he asked how I'd been and stuff like that.

We walked into a large barn house where my American 'friend' was pushed to his knees.

I didn't really care for his life if I'm honest, so I just walked outside and waited for it to be over.

It wasn't until around half-an hour in that I realised, he wasn't leaving that barn.

"Stiles, get in here!"

I heard Victor holla at me.

I walked inside the barn to see the American man beaten and bruised, his nose bleeding.

"Your friend here doesn't understand the situation he is in, and been as he isn't listening to us, I'm going to allow you 2 minutes to convince him to change his attitude and remind him as to what we can do."

Before I could respond, Victor and his men had left.

I walked over to the man on the floor and began to speak, making sure the others could hear me.

"Look, if you don't listen to them, they're going to kill you. Do you really want to die?! Is that what this all is, some kind of death-wish to you? Because incase you haven't noticed, you're about to have a bullet placed perfectly between your eyes. Please, don't let that happen."

I then leaned in towards him, making myself less audible, this time only he could hear me.

I spoke in a mocking tone, attempting to sound similar to the American tied up before me, I repeated back in his ear what he said to me:

"I can do what I want, to who I want. You wouldn't understand, you're just a kid."

He looked at me, dead in the eyes.

I smirked at him, before realising what was going on.

It was happening again, I was losing myself again.

Victor walked back into the room and I stepped out, before both feet had left the barn I heard him call behind me:

"Stiles, just a heads up, if this man makes one more sly remark, it won't be a bullet going through his head."

I stared at Victor blank faced.

"It will be one of your arrows, from your crossbow, I don't want this to just be a lesson for him, but for you too."

What scared me was that Vic didn't understand what this meant.

To be honest, I didn't even understand what this meant.

I just knew that I couldn't kill someone, not again.

I stood outside, I heard yelling coming from inside the barn but I ignored it.

I then heard my name.

I walked in and saw the American lying on the floor, knocked out.

As he climbed back up he began humming and whistling.

"That's it, shoot him, Stiles."

I stared.


I aimed my crossbow at the mans head.

I lingered, I wanted to pull the trigger.

Something inside of me really wanted to kill this man, but my head said different.

My head told me I shouldn't kill him, I shouldn't show them that I can kill.

That's my secret.

Before I could respond again, a bang went off.

I looked over to see Vic with his gun aimed at the man's head.

He looked at me.

"Fuck sake, kid! I'm dissapointed, next time, you gotta man up."

And with that, they all left.

Every last one, Victor and his group.

I sat by the body for about an hour, just looking at it.

I heard footsteps outside, I began to stand up.

In the large doorway of the barn, stood a man.

I reacted quickly.

I pulled out the small pistol in my pocket and aimed it at his head.

Smart, I know.

He raised his hands in the air, and I felt good.

I ushered him inside the barn, and made him squat.

I felt the darkness fill my eyes.

"I'm not going to tie you up, you're loyal - I can tell."

Before I could finish my sentence he began to run.

I shot once, not really aiming for a certain body part but happened to hit his legs. He collapsed to the ground and started crying.

"Oh no, you slipped! And just look how close you were to the door!"

I came up close to his face, as his facial expression turned to fear, mine turned to anger.

"You know what they do to disobedient dogs?"

I placed my hunting knife against his throat, I smiled and slowly moved my knife around his neck.

As I did this, I said,

"They put. Them. Down."

I walked out of the barn, and turned back for the woods.

I knew I wasn't ready to come back out.

This had all happened before.

I'd lost who I was before, and now, it's happening all over again.

I'm not ready.

But the demon inside of me is.



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Not bad man, keep it up - Wanna see some more of there soon.

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Stiles    21




I couldn't control it.

I wanted to but I couldn't, just like before, the black outs started.

One minute I'm fine, and the next - everything was black.

I was kinda, like... sleeping.

My body was acting, my eyes were open, but my head slept.

And then randomly, I'd just wake up.

Like, I'd just, be there.

One minute I'm me, and then, snap, I'm not me.

I don't know how to explain it in any other way.

As I walked away from the now two corpses, into the forest, I snapped back to me.

At the time I didn't even know what I'd done, I couldn't remember it.

I just stood in the open field infront of the trees, wondering how I got there and why there was blood on my white t-shirt.

I continued into the woods anyway, my brain told me that was the right thing to do.

As I walked the memory started coming back, I started to realise what I'd done.

Not gonna lie, I felt awful, I was scared that I was falling down the same hole I tried to hard to get out of.

And I was scared because I know I'm gonna keep falling.

I was fine last time because I had an anchor, I had friends and family who helped me prevent what I was capable of.

This time, I was very much alone.

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