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Lore Of Aeryes

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“There's always room for a story that can transport people to another place.” 

― J.K Rowling


Welcome to my Lore page, here you can view all of my Lore work which includes short stories as well as future works such as actual in game Lore that I want to create for people to enjoy reading, none of which is official might I add, yet. I plan to keep adding more stories and Lore well into the future as I love writing such things and it certainly is one of my favourite things to do in my free time.


A story about how the world we play in causes people to forgive others even in the most dire of circumstances.


A story about the children of Kabanino and what they had to endure before their strange disappearance. 

 S a n c t u m

A story based on a man who discovers death after his aircraft crashlands in Chernarus.

Character Based Lore


Our Harbour Stories


Information about different countries before and after the outbreak. NOT OFFICIAL.






A special AfterMath edition on Miscreated a game that I really have been enjoying !!!

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Not bad man, good detail in the work. Keep it up :)

Thank you. I have a lot of new writings in the works. Hopefully you will enjoy them also :)

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Updated and added my new AfterMath Series which will deal with events of different countries and places before and after the outbreak. Inspired by Post and Pat's Continuation series I hope to shed light on the situation the rest of the world finds itself in.

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Updated to add in my newest AfterMath Lore - Canada.

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Updated to add my new Miscreated Special that I made for the Miscreated game.

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