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The Misfortunes of Benjamin Pringle

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"I'm all busted up

Broken bones and nasty cuts

Accidents will happen

But this time I can't get up

She comes to check on me

Making sure I'm on my knees

After all she's the one

Who put me in this state

Is she ultra-violent?

Is she disturbed?

I better tell her that I love her

Before she does it all over again

Oh god, she's killing me!

For now I'll lie around

hell, that's all I can really do

She takes good care of me

Just keep saying my love is true

Is she ultra-violent?

Is she disturbed?

I better tell her that I love her

Before she does it all over again

Oh god, she's killing me!

Looking out my window for

Someone that's passing by

No one knows I'm locked in here

All I do is cry!

For now I'll lie around

hell, that's all I can really do

She takes good care of me

Just keep saying my love is true"

[Lyrics from; Pulling Teeth - Green Day]


"You know, I think my leg is more or less better now dear" Benjamin says in his eloquent English accent as he begins to push himself up from the bed.

"NO!" his fiancee exclaims with an american twang. She jumps up and sits him back onto the bed.

"Josie you do worry too much, its just an old injury, this isn't anything new" Ben frowns rubbing his bad knee.

"I just can't have you getting hurt again Ben"-Ben begins to roll his eyes and reply-"No!" she cuts him off. "You're the only thing that matters Ben, I can't lose you" she says with a deeply saddened look. "You're no way strong enough to go back out there Ben" she gestures to the little window at the top of the basement room.

Novigrad. That's what was on the other side of the window. A vast, hollow city. Ben had been on a supply run a of couple weeks back. He had twisted his knee whilst fleeing from infected, aggravating an old football injury. He had stumbled/crawled all the way back to the small apartment that him and his fiancee shared.

Since then he had been bed ridden in the basement room whilst his dear fiancee cared for his every need as best she could. Oh how she loved him so. She wouldn't let any harm come to dear Ben. She was the only person he ever truly cared for, and she felt the same way about him. What a charming young couple.

It wasn't the first time Josie had stopped him leaving his room. He knew she was only doing it because she cared, but it was starting to become quite irritating. In fact, it had slowly started to occur to Ben that he might be locked in this damn room for a long while. He had noticed the look of obsession on his fiancee's face, the almost maniacal smile on her face and the deep stares of longing. She cared so much for Ben that she wasn't going to let him come in harms way. 'What a sweetheart' Ben thought to himself with a smile on his face. However his leg was fine to walk on and he needed the fresh air.

He hopped out of his bed one night whilst Josie was asleep, and gently opened his door. And there she was. Propped up against the wall with Ben's revolver in her hand.

"H...honey oh... w-what are you doing up at this hour" his eyes darting towards the gun in her hand.

She hops up, with a broad, menacing smile "Baby, where d'yah think you are you going?" she says, casually waving the gun around.

"Ah... well... just errr.... getting some fresh air" he says putting on a smile, moving towards the front door.

She slams the handle of the gun into the wall, extending her arm across the corridor, blocking his path. "Ben, that's... not a good idea."

They shared a tense moment, looking into each others eyes. Ben made the first move, attempting to push past her arm and make a break for the door. A scuffle ensued. The gun was smashed into Ben's cheek and he fell back clutching the point of impact. He looks at his beloved with a shocked expression on his face. They stand there and share a look. Ben returns to his room slamming the door behind him.

His stands in his room. He breathes heavily. 'What just happened?'. All of a sudden he didn't feel safe in his room. Like it had become his cell. Who was this woman keeping him in here? It was like he didn't know her anymore. He needed to leave. Leave right now. But how? In the midst of his panic attack, Ben clambered onto his bed and pushed open the only small window in his cellar room. The window was street level. He began squeezing himself through the small opening.

"Don't leave me!" Ben hears the shriek behind him. Ben continues pulling himself through the window, in a state of of panic, his legs dangling into the room. "No, No, No! Stay" she screams maniacally. 

In a moment of desperation and rage, Josie grabbed the crowbar Ben kept under his bed. She swung.

Ben felt the blunt force shatter the bone of his bad knee. Pain engulfed him as he fell to the floor, but she didn't stop. Again and again she struck him with the cold piece of metal, littering his body with bruises and gashes.

"You're not going to leave me Ben!" she cried in her paranoid fury. It was the last thing Ben heard before falling unconscious.


9 weeks Ben had estimated. 9 weeks in the basement. His head lolled towards the window. Morning sun poured through the glass, illuminating the many dust particles floating in his cell. He whimpered at the sound of the door opening. She was back.

"Honey! What did I say about making those ridiculous noises all the time!" she said cheerfully as she placed a bowl of tinned soup on the floor next to him.

He nervously nodded as a sign of understanding.

"You have been a good boy recently Ben" she says as she squats down in front of him.

He avoids her gaze.

She gently strokes the side of his damaged face-he flinches. "But you need to stop acting so nervous all the time. I don't bite" she says with a smirk on her face. "Can't we go back to how we were Ben? Comfortable with each other."

He continues to look away.

"I love you Ben... you do love me? don't you?" she asks quizzically.

He hastily nods his head, finally meeting her gaze.

"Say it" her tone suddenly dropping and her smile disappearing.

"I... I l-love y-you... Josie" he forces out.

She holds her piercing stare.

"Great!" she says suddenly, kissing him on the forehead and hopping to her feet.

To Ben's relief, she leaves.

He had got off easy this time. She usually visited him 2-3 times a day to bring him food. Sometimes she came just to toy with him. Since his knee was shattered, Ben spent his time propped up against the wall. The girl he had loved didn't exist anymore. The girl had become so twisted with obsession and a desire to not be alone that Josie no longer existed. She kept him in the basement, as her little pet. This way, he could never leave her. She would never be alone.

His leg had healed, but not properly. That had been the first injury of many that the girl had inflicted upon him. When he displeased her, he was punished. When she was bored, he was punished. He would often repeat how much he loved her to try and spare himself the abuse, but it rarely proved successful. The weeks of varying forms of abuse had taken its toll. Ben was a broken man.

Hopeless, scared and broken. A never ending whirlwind of despair.


The raiders had come in the night. Ben hid under his bed as the commotion unfolded upstairs. He heard Josie's futile attempt at resistance. He heard the raiders restrain her. He heard them laugh at her. He heard them beat her. And he heard them abuse her. Her screams echoed through the floorboards. It went on for hours before finally, he heard them kill her.

As the morning light seeped through the window, Ben crawled out from under the bed. At some point in the night, one of the raiders had kicked the door to the basement down to check for any spoils. He limped out of his cell. He found her there. Lying on the floor of the dining area. He stared, no remorse was felt by the man. The longer he stared, the larger the smile on his face grew, until he broke out into a laugh which slowly grew louder. Ben left the apartment a changed man. The only thought in his head was 'I need to leave the city, I need to be free, freedom is everything'.

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Nice read mate, Ben has a twisted backstory

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Ben almost... Became Josie. Good read Ham!

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What a talented writer thou are.

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What a talented writer thou are.

aww yeh cool man

np man

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