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Prometheus State [Private frequency] (111.6)

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*While looking outside, Chessur seems a bit tired, and thinks about for a moment what to say*

*Snaps out  and looks to the papper on the  table in front of him*

*Flicks the PTT on and starts talking*

"I am Wave High Commander Chessur now transmitting."

"To every citizen of the Prometheus State, meaning the people that entered our territory and deemed to be friendly enough."

"You will have to stop by the PHD base of operations to pick up your ID, its a security measure and as long as you live here you will need it."

*Takes a little break, and looks outside at Kozak and Orlow, and looks at the recording machine next to his radio.*

"A charter for each of your family member and  friend will be given to complete it with their First name, Last Name or Nickname."

"To Ensure that they will get their ID's aswell."

"Attached to that, you will have a papper with our laws."

"This message will be repeated, for everyone one that has this frequency to hear it out, for the next 24 hours, from 20 to 20 minutes."

*He presses the repeat button on the recording machine, and adjusts the timer.*

*He leaves the PTT On, and takes from the table another radio.*

*He gets out of the room, checks his mag, and walks towords Orlow.*

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