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To the Rough Riders, in concern of their product [PRIVATE]

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*A rough voice comes over the radio*

This is a message to the Rough Riders, in regards to their 'legitimate produce'.  I'm looking to acquire some social narcotics for a bit of a party I hope to have, and I've heard that you are the best choice within the country. I was wondering if I could get a list of what you either have in stock, or can produce. 

Thank you for your time, gentlemen.

*The voice disappears* 

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*Rhett grabs his radio after hearing the man and presses his PTT* 

Mornin' Feller, I am a representative of the Rough Riders M.C. and if you want to have a good time I am sure we can help you out. As for a list I personally don't like to to say over what we have over this frequency. But you can contact me on the freq 10.12 and we can set up a more secure deal.

*Rhett releases the PTT and stuffs his radio into his pocket waiting for a response*

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