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Jax Spark...? Are you there? [OPEN FREQUENCY]

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Gary leaned backwards contemplating his options as it was getting later and another day had passed since he had seen the Biker.  

"Where the hell are you Jax."  Gary said out loud but under his breath.  He hadn't seen Jax Spark since Jax split off from Gary and Emily to head to Vybor.  And Gary could use Jax's vigilance at the moment dealing with and keeping a watchful eye on their new acquaintance...  Gregory Flint.

"Spark!  If you read this respond immediately!  Where the hell are you bud?  It's me Gary!"  He shouted into his radio growing more weary.  After hearing no response, he then walked back into the house looking over the fire and continuing his watch while the others slept until his shift was over.

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