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William Mitchell

Looking for Cowboy [Private Frequency]

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*Sitting in front of a campfire out in the woods away from people.  Tex reaches into his chest pocket and pulls out a wad of long cut tobacco and stuffs it in his left cheek.  Spits on the ground and grinds the spit in with the dirt with his boot.   Takes his radio out of the side pouch of his backpack and hits the PTT*

Cowboy are you out there?  This is Tex....you copy?

Look man.. I looked at you as a brother.  A leader... I still do in some ways... We need to talk.  One on one.  A lot of shit has happened since I fell asleep at that summer camp, woke up and The Brave were all gone.  I just want to clear up any mis-conceptions before we both do something we may regret.  No funny business you have my word, and you know my word is bond.

Contact me on my private frequency so we can work out a meeting location.

*Releases PTT, spits again on the fire, takes a swig of whiskey, rolls out his bedroll and sighs..... goddam how things change*

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*Cowboy sighs as he hears his old friend speak, pulling his radio up to his mouth he speaks lowly.*

"You never knew the real me Tex, what I'm capable of doing, things others would lose their supper over seein'.  I respect ya Tex, that's why I didn't kill your little lady friend, I could have, and honestly the mouth on her fuckin' shoulders, I should've, but I didn't.  I didn't because you were an old friend of mine, but y'all are harbouring someone that WE need to deal with here in the South.  The people you're with, they'd shoot me as soon as they laid their damn eyes on me, they don't get it, none of ya do.  I got my brothers in the Club, and I damn sure don't need anymore.  

"You wanna have a talk?  How do I know it ain't a set-up, how do you know I wouldn't ambush you? It'd be the smart thing for me to do, easy access to Zinnia, easy way to make another example.  Listen pal, you don't know shit about the world now, who runs it, and who's the top dogs.  You come messin' with our triad, you'll be taken down quicker then you can say shoot.  You best explain what you want before I decide on if I wanna spend part of my day meetin' with a man who may try to pull some fuckin' narc shit on me.

*He sets his radio down, comforting his Wife who would be having morning sickness at the Clubhouse.*

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*Hears Cowboy and nods his head. He is still one tough bastard! Presses PTT down and speaks in his usual even voice, tinged with his Texas accent*

Hey Cowboy. Glad you even answered back. To me that's progress. I may have never known all the bad shit you did, but I do remember what you did for me when I came out of the woods of Vavilovo and ran into you at that mine. You gave me a chance, hell you had me dead to rights with your crossbow pointed at my head. But you took me in as a brother, as a friend.

All I'm asking is for that same chance one more time. I don't fancy going through what little is left of my life looking over my shoulder any more than I have to in this shithole. All of us have far too many enemies without adding more.

I know there is no way to make you feel like I aint settin you up. All I can give you is my word. I will come alone with no others, unarmed except for a bottle of whiskey and two shot glasses. And if you gave me your word, I would trust you. We aren't too different in that respect I suspect.

I've already had some visits with folks looking to turn me in for a bounty... and if you know me at all, I aint gonna be taken alive by a damn bounty hunter. So I left camp 101 and am living in the woods until I can meet with you. If anyone is gonna take my life it wont be me being drug in chains to your doorstep. I'll fuckin man up and take myself to your doorstep. And either we talk this out, or I leave in a body bag if that's how it works out.

All I want to do is work out how we can stay on at least neutral terms. Nothing more, nothing less. We can discuss other subjects face to face as you never know who could be listening in.

So what say you Cowboy... hell bring some guys with you if it makes you feel safe. Just let me know where you want to meet.

*Releases PTT. Takes a wad of long cut from his vest pocket and stuffs it in his cheek. Thinking to himself...damnit not sure how else to get through to Cowboy.*

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*He smirks lightly*

"I'll meet with ya Tex, no complaints there, but I'll have more then a few brothers near by in case things don't go the way I hope. What about that bitch? Is she gonna be with ya? Damn what was that sweethearts name? Darra was it? Hmmmmm, such a shame she didn't talk, I'll admit that the girls got guts, enough guts to watch her friend get stabbed and beaten because of her not wanting to give information. Regardless, I want you to bring me something, a peace offering if you will. Now Tex, you were my brother, and I trusted you, but you have to decide on what side you're on, there is no middle ground here."

*He pauses, punching one of the prospects in the gut, you can hear a whimper as Cowboy yells, "I said bring me a damn beer bitch boy, not this fuckin' vodka!"*

"Sorry about that, these prospects, some of em haven't learned common sense yet. Anywho where was I? Ahhhhhhhh yes, as I was saying, there is no middle ground, you either stay up north with your tree buggin' pansy fuckin' friends, or you come back to your real family, the ones who took you in when no one else would, the ones who cared for you. One of the fuckin' rules of the club Tex, is that no woman comes before your brothers, I hope you can understand that. Now, I want you to bring Darra as a sign that you truly mean what you say and that you truly want to come back to us, if you don't, well then you may as well stay North, because one way or another, we'll get ya, let's not make it hard alright?"

*He smirks lightly before placing his radio down, going back to picking his teeth with a toothpick.*

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*Grabs his long cut from his vest pocket, shoves a wad in his mouth and spits in a very irritated manner on the campfire. Picks up his radio and hits the PTT*

Cowboy... I was with you up until the Darra part. I came to you in good faith for a one on one and you make demands that I bring my friend with me? Why...so you can beat up on a woman some more? A woman that told you everything she knew. Neither I nor Darra have even met this Zinnia character you seem to be so incensed with. But its clear you wont believe that.

No can do buddy.... I wont put Darra in harms way. Neither will I abandon the fellas and ladies in the north. After you and The Brave left me without so much as a good bye, I had to make due in this shit world we live in. Not knowing if you guys were dead, taken by the clowns, or locked up.... nothing. Then I met Darra along the road. We have survived together until we found Camp 101. Where we were welcomed as part of what we thought was a peaceful community.

Maybe in the end my life was never really compatible with The Brave and most certainly NOT the Rough Riders. My career in the US Army gave me satisfaction in protecting and defending my home and those that I love. That's loyalty my friend...to give your life not only for those you love, but those who share your beliefs, even if you don't know them.

Enough lecturing...as I can hear laughing and feel you eye rolling already. I tried to keep this neutral between you and I, but you my old friend are hell bent on seeing it only one way. For that I'm sorry.

*Releases PTT....packs up bedroll and pisses on the fire... time to go get Darra and hit the road*

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