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[Open Frequency]

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Jamison, sitting in the middle of the woods at his fire, remembers that others in the group had radios. He wasn't sure of their frequency, but he had to try. 

"Guys, its Jamison. I left last night. I saw something in the distance when we were on top of that building. It was some sort of a light. Either way, that doesn't matter now. I'm lost. I'm in the woods. There was a steep hill, and I lost my footing and fell unconscious. I don't know the way back. I can't see the edge of the forest from where I am now."

A stick cracks behind him and jolts to his feet. The radio falls to the ground, the PTT button is stuck down. His voice is clearly away from the radio, and you hear him speak again

"What the hell"

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Jeremiah listens to the frequency from inside the Zelenogorsk school building, sitting in a seat just a bit too small for him. At first, he thinks nothing of it, but then Lance's words echo in his mind, and he frowns, picking up the radio.

"Hello, this is Jeremiah Neumann. You seem to be in a bit of a pickle there, friend. Now, I'm not incredibly familiar with the area 'round here, but what I am familiar with is this here map. If you would allow me, I can attempt to help you find your way back to your camp."

He releases the PTT momentarily to flick his map open fully, as well as flip through his notebook. After a few moments, he presses down the PTT again.

"So, Jamison, do you see, perhaps, any power lines or anything you can use as a guide? And do you have a compass on you, or any other tools that could be of use?"

He releases the PTT once more, sitting his elbows on the desk as he waited patiently for a response from the man in distress.

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Chloe would obviously begin to panic as she heard the radio broadcast. Shaking her hands around for a moment, trying to gather her thoughts, she'd finally grip her radio and bring it to her mouth,

"Declan and I are in a town called Chernogorsk.. it's big, with tall buildings.. by the coast still. Do you have any idea what direction you are from here? I got a compass..."

She'd kick Declan, trying to wake him up and get him ready to go find Jamison before tucking her radio away.

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