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A place to continue my work.. [OPEN FREQUENCY]

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*Matthew sits down at the kitchen table in some random house and fiddles with his radio, attempting to find a reliable channel. An adult American voice slowly comes through the radio.*

"Ahem..testing...1..2..3......My name is Matthew Pratt and I will be repeating this broadcast approximately once per hour until I am contacted and/or my requests fulfilled. I have two points of information for anyone hearing this. First, I am looking for two of my team members who seem to have gotten themselves missing. Their names are Leo Callahan and Jacque Leau. If either of you hear me, I am still at the same locale as usual. If anyone has any information on the location of either of these two men, please respond."

*There is a pause for about 10 seconds.*

[align=left]"Second, I have arrived back at my current place of residency to find that my group seems to have been disbanded and/or relocated. Due to this and the aforementioned problem, I am in need of a temporary place to stay. As for my qualifications, I am a Restabilization Trainer with the United States Foreign Disaster Assistance Organization. My job is the establishment of so called "safe zones" and the teaching of the locals of the proper ways of longevity of said safe zones through sustainability and prosperity. I specialize in solar power and water filtration systems. I am also class C CPR certified. If you are interested in having me visit and assist in your location, while providing me with shelter, please respond detailing the location to meet, time, and a name. Again, I will be repeating this transmission approximately once per hour until a suitable response is followed. End broadcast."

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Listening in on the man, Stiles picks up his radio and transmits, a young boys voice is heard.

"Listen, officer dude. You don't want to build, safe zones."

Stiles laughs a little to himself at the idea.

"They'll only bring you unwanted attention and it never turns out to great for the people in charge of them, basically, you. A man once said to me, 'Don't play hero,' and that is something I think everyone should take in, do yourself a favour and find a nice tiny town, with about three houses for you and your two friends, and protect that for yourselves. I've watched, first hand, the collapse of these safe zones, like what happened over in Zlen."

He sighs.

"Don't play hero."

The transmission ends.

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