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To Pagans (Open frequency)

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*Jonas makes a deep recollection about his thoughts and what he's about to do. He grabs a cigarette and starts speaking with a dark voice into the radio.

You think it's fun beating up your own people? Fucking hell you guys are messed up. Going around fucking people is it really that fun for you?

*There's a slight pause, Jonas decides to take a deep puff from the cigarette.

Well I'm packing up and leaving your little thing you called group. The jacket will be lying in the place you guys called home. I've just gotten out of capture and got beaten up hah fuck that. Your not what people call family fuck you guys.

*He takes the radio back into his pocket and finish his cigarette*

Fucking hell...

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*John is sitting alone in his house in Guglovo. He is about to go to sleep when his old Pagan radio flares into life. After listening to the transmission he smiles to himself before holding down the PTT*

"Look kid, I don't know who you are or what you were in the Pagans but let me tell you something. Bylaw number twenty states that you join by blood and you leave by blood..."

"Or did you think that those didn't affect you? That you thought you were better than them?"

*He shakes his head*

"Tut, tut. You think just leaving your patches in the dirt means you can walk away scott free? No, that ain't how it works"

"If you wanna fucking leave just leave, but now you've only gone and told them to go fuck themselves?"

*He laughs to himself*

"Damien is gonna have a fucking field day when he hears this. Trust me on this, you won't be walking away from this"

*John releases the PTT and laughs to himself more. He then sits down next to his radio, waiting for a response*

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*Arter is sitting leaned against a tree just outside Krasnostav when the radio sparks to life, he hears some jagoff whos voice he cannot recognize and John's. He holds down the PTT*

"Well this is a familiar voice, still into club business eh, *In sarcastic voice* "Doc?". "

*He pauses*

"And now down to business, i guess you are one of the prospects, a nobody. I would not know since your voice says me nothing. You heared what the man earlier said okay? Bylaw number fucking twenty you piece of shit, you know... beating up people is part of business, and yes i enjoy it when those fuckers deserve it right?"

*He sighs and continues*

"Good thing you got out of capture son, good thing you got beat up, and you know why that is a good thing? Because that means we can find your ass and do that shit to you all over again, *says rapidly* "well it might end worse but hey!"  Don't worry we are going to help you with that "leaving by blood"-part of bylaw number twenty you prick. See you soon"

*Arter releases the PTT*

Fuckin' jagoff... *sighs*

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*Woods leans against the side of the wall, as he opens a can of pipsi, holding down the PTT button he chuckles a bit before responding*

Damien.. So you pulled him out of the grave huh..?

*He takes a drink from the can*

Should've buried him , instead of kicking him into an empty grave..

*He places the can next to him on the ground*

Won't make the mistake next time.. We learn from them , don't we Damien?.


*He kicks the can spilling all the pipsi over his shoes, some cursing can be heard before the radio goes silent*

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*Dustin scratches his head with his stump, attempting to understand what this is all about. Memory of a goldfish and the brain of a rock. He raises the radio up to his mouth.*

"What the actual fuck are ya on about there, pal'? Ya on about the frenchie? THE RAT!? For your sake I hope that ain't fuckin' true ya mouthy lil' shit." *He pauses.* "If you're ain't talkin' about a rat however, what the hell is it? We haven't beaten any of our damn brothers... Recently."

*He lets go of the PTT waiting for a logical explanation to the prick's mouthy attitude that, according to Dustin, came out of nowhere.*

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Mack sits in his little cabin, feet propped up on the desk. He hears the transmission, recognizing Jonas' voice. He chuckles a bit and presses down the PTT.

"Is that.. Jonas? Like, Mobius defector Jonas? Run off and joined the Pagans have you? That's cute, especially considering the amount of them we've put in shallow graves.

Anyway, I'm sure you have plenty to deal with in terms of angry bikers, so I'll leave you to it, Jonas."

Mack sighs deeply and then releases the PTT.

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*Jonas hears the responses and is quite shocked*

Haven't beaten up someone you say dusty... Maybe you should ask some of your boys what happened outside of Stary a couple of days ago. I got fucking beaten up by this so called fucking family. And what fucking rat I don't any fucking thing about that, What I do know is that you don't have fucking respect in this so called group.

*there's a slight pause, Jonas is now furious and speaking with an angry voice*

I was fucking beaten up and finally after I managed to come free I started making my way back to the clubhouse. I meet them in Stary Sobor happy to see some family again and what do I get? Punches left and right and left on the dirty road. That's not treating someone with fucking respect!

*He turns off the radio and in anger almost smashes the radio but stop after realising what he's about to do. Tears is now falling down his cheek as Jonas is again abandoned by the people he trusted*

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*Dustin grows angrier by the second as he listens to Jonas' idiotic accusations. He presses the PTT.*

"I have one god damn thing to tell ya, Jonas. *He yells* You're a damn prospect, Jonas, A FUCKING PROSPECT. Our punishments are always justified. ALWAYS! Now shut that mouthy pie-hole of yours or you'll lose a tongue next time I see ya... Oh wait... That'll happen either way."

*He lets go of the PTT.*


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*Anton pushes the PTT button down.*

Hey, Prospect.

I was once in the same position you were, they beat me up day for day and still told me we were family... then I left. They tried to kill me but they failed, I can help you aswell.

*He pauses.*

If you want a real family, one that can protect you and would die for you then contact me. I think all Pagans should still have my private frequency. 

*Anton releases the PTT button.*

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*He listens to all of the responses and laughs a little bit before deciding to respond*

Heh thanks for the offer but I'm done with this fucking land, I'm going back to Sweden.

*He places the radio down on the hood, there's a slight pause a car engine is heard starting in the background Jonas decide to pick the radio up again*

I'm never coming back... So Pagans good luck killing me hehe cause I ain't dying yet... And for fuck sake treat the prospect with more respect I'm out.

*He takes the radio and decides to smash it to pieces*

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*Teo takes his radio after hearing some familiar voices and clicks the "TALK" button. A Chernarussian accent can be recognized as he speaks.*

"A foreigner leaving my country?! Finally! Thank God some of you idiots decided to make this move, now how about all of you do the same, huh? Come on pack your things and get lost with your western culture and stupid behavior. I fucked up Pagans once, those two big guys who lead the brainless gang and wear handkerchiefs on their heads like old grandmas. Didn't remember your stupid names but I'll recognize that squeaky voice no problem. Too bad I didn't kill you both, maybe you wouldn't have so many retarded dogs following you around my lands... Eh."

*He stops transmitting.*

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*Cowboy chuckles lightly at the sounds of the prospect yelling and complaining.*

"What did you expect kid? A walk in the park? For them to just hand your patch over to you? God, I swear it takes a special kind of stupid to think that being a prospect is all sunshine and fuckin' roses, you're a prospect, you're gonna get your ass beat, you're gonna get pushed around, and you're gonna do the bitch work until they patch you in, you wanted into the life, well this is how we all started kid."

*Cowboy sets the radio down, sighing lightly before yelling at one of his own prospects to get him a beer.*

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