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Lyca...[Private Frequency]

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*Danny sits down in the woods after making a fire, and tips his backpack upside down and all of his newly found items tip out.... And then a radio tips out and falls to the floor. He then looks at what frequency it's on and realises that It's Lyca's.... He then thought back to the night he was going to contact her before slashing his forearm and sighs to himself.... He then looks down pulls up his glove to reveal his scar and whisper " Fuck " to himself... Then picks up the radio, put it to his ear and presses the PTT Button *

" Hey Lyca... I... I've done something stupid..."

*He would look at the slash on his arm, realises how bad it actually is*

" I... I messed up... You'll probably beat the shit out of me when you see this... 

*He would look at his forearm*

I don't know why I did it.. To be honest with you... I don't have anyone else to talk to anymore, Blackwood are never around, they're always out on patrol, Fox is gone...  *He would sigh* And now to top it all off... I think I'm going to have to stop wearing my shirt... And honestly... 

I miss my brother. "

*He would pull out an old family photo from his hidden pocket*

" I came here looking for him, and it turns out, he doesn't even want to fuckin' see me... I don't even know why I'm speaking to you about this.. It's not like I mean anything to you  *He would chuckle lightly*

*Danny releases the PTT, Wondering if he will get a reply*

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*hears Dannys voice over the radio, grabs it and press the button while looking to Bobby* 

I am a little bit surprised to hear you over the radio...

*looks a little bit confused*

*What you mean with "You done something stupid"... I am not sure if we mean the same thing here. I do stupid things all the time. Or at least I used to do it. * smiles for a moment to Bobby*

Everyone is gone... mhm... I understand that feeling. You cant be alone. I understand that better then anyone. Believe me.

*Suddenly a giggling is heard as Bobby is tickling her*

 Ahahhahahahaha... Oh my god ...stop that...Bobby... I am on the radio...

I am sorry.

I will come and look after you. 

But remember. People dont really like me. When they see us together you might get problems... 

People still see the clown and former bosslady of them, when they see me.

They still see the monster, I can be. 

*Again a giggling can be heard as Bobby is poking her again*

Oh my god... I cant laugh anymore... stop it. Its a serious conversation here. 

*A third time a giggling can be heard*

Alright he still doesnt stop. I am sorry.


I dont want you to get hurt because of me.

But I will come for you when you need me. Just say the word and I am there.

I do care.

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*Danny would be woken up by Lyca's message from his little camp bed in the woods... Due to him not sleeping in a while this caused him to just drop dead in the middle of the woods and grips the radio and puts it to his mouth, and presses the PTT Button*

" Well... You know how you know what I mean when I say I've done something stupid? What does that usually mean? 

*He would sigh* 

Well, I mean I'm not alone... Fair enough I've got a lot of friends... But no ones you know, actively there? And all the shit with Fox has made me not want to be around Blackwood anymore...

*You may hear a sizzling of a pan in the background*

" Honestly, I couldn't care about who likes you and who dosen't.... It's not about that... "

*He would notice the giggling*

" Christ.... Bobby's just... Wow *He would chuckle*

"He would release the PTT... But then realise he missed out something, then presses the PTT Button*

"Oh.. And about the whole gettin' hurt because of someone.. I know all about that... Trust me."

*Danny releases the PTT Button*

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*press the radio button after she thought a while about what he said*

Dont do such stupid things. There are people who care about you.

You not only hurt yourself ... you hurt the people you care about too with that.

I broke... I couldnt handle the suicide of my first boyfriend.

Think about it.

*she sighs and seemed angry a little bit*

I know, I know... and I understand. 

*she calms a little bit down*

You can come to me when something is bothering you. 

I only wanted to let you know... people got hurt sometimes when they were seen with me.

*smiles for a moment*

Dont mind Bobby... I think thats my influence...*giggles*

We can meet at every time, when you wanna have someone near you and wanna talk.

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*Danny hears Lyca's response and sighs to himself... Then presses the PTT Button*

" Don't do such stupid things? How the fuck... How did you... Ahh, forget 'bout it, don't brake yourself again over me... "

*He would pause, and look at the slash on his arm and shake his head*

" I'll come and see you soon, I promise... I've not seen you in a while and to be honest, I kinda miss you *He would chuckle* "

*Danny releases the PTT, and carries on cooking on the fire with Jake* 

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