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To the Pagans [Private Freq.]

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*Anton walking towards a barn grabs his radio and pushes the PTT button down.*

Hey, how are you all doing?

*He pauses for a second before continueing with his actual business.*

I need Oxys, a constant supply... about 7 per week, one for every day. Also since you are still in business I guess you have a lot to offer. I am interested in what you guys have to offer, so I can tell you what I want. Just let me know here and also let me know what you want as payment.

*He pauses a second time.*

Ehm, yeah another thing. I would like to talk to you Damien... about something I need help with... nothing special just you taking one of my guys so he knows why he relies on his family. Yeah, well I guess i will tell you in person since you never know who is listening in, right?

*He releases the PTT button and picks up the pace to catch up with Ellie and Hayley in front of him.*


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[align=left]*Damien listens to Anton's transmission, scavenges through the pill stash in the clubhouse, failing to understand which bottle are Oxy's as the language is not English. Damien continues to open each pill bottle, finds multiplebottles with pills that look similar to Oxy's. Damien transmits*

[align=left]Well Jeeeeesus, Anton. You? A popper? Heh, never suspected, but hell business is business.


[align=left]Alright... I could help you out, but as you know, nothing is ever free. Eh yeah you're a good friend there, Anton, I could cut you some slack, but not a lot. My brothers and I are in need of something... We'll discuss, maybe we could arrange a deal.


You've came to our help when needed, sure, we could lend a hand. Heh, possibly take one, who knows, already don't like the fuckin' guy if he doesn't rely on family. I'll send a Prospect to find you, we'll be in touch to discuss further.

[align=left]*Damien ends the transmission, begins to gather a few bottle of possible Oxy's, gains a headache from looking at the Chernarussian writing on the bottles, and continues to organize a bag with the bottles.* 

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