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Coming out (open)

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*Thomas sat down in the chair as he pick up his beer he taken another siip of the drink and then he pick up his radio and press the button*

Hello my name is Thomas Caroline. I have finally after 2 or was it 3 years since the outbreak whatever now back on topic out of the woods where I be holding one I am hoping to meet you kind folks soon unless you happen to me wife and ungrateful kids.

*he then release the button

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Stiles    21

Stiles hears the person on the radio, before picking up his and transmitting, the sound of a young boys voice is heard.

"Wait, 'Kind folks,' good one. *He laughs.* 'Aint nothing kind about the people in this world man, if I were you I'd stay in hiding for as long as you can... Trust me."

The boys voice is cut and static floods.

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