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how do you like my backstory any suggestions?

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keep in mind I'm pretty new to the community joined like a week ago with pretty much no rp experience :)

sorry if my writing isn't the best :P

His childhood was rather upset he and his sister were in several orphans houses because their parents were killed in a work accident. It was a tough life but they manage to make it through all that, mainly because his sister always watched out for him. She was eventually killed because she wanted to protect him from a robbery in their hometown. 

His life took a sudden dark turn by that he keeps the necklace that they shared when they were kids always close to his heart. After that event, he got really sensitive against stressful or violent situations and lives in his own little bubble for a while. But suddenly he had to change his orphan family again and that should not go well. He came in a family where he's got permanently beaten up by his "father" and constantly yelled at by his "mother".

Afer one month he ran away and took a train to eastern Europe and lived on the streets for quite some time he eventually ended up in Chernarus. 

As the infection started to spread he tried to leave the country but he had no money or any other way out of there.

So he finds himself as a stranger locked in in that chaotic country with a dangerous infection taking over one town after another.

He learned to survive by himself getting some strength out of the last words his sister told him "stay strong and keep your head up whatever happens I will watch you from above". Two years into the outbreak he managed to stay out of trouble most of the time, it was rough but he keeps his head up and stays positive no matter what happens.

pls don't roast me :D

greetings Linuari

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