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So a while ago I was asked to do a community interview as seen below:


As it can be seen in the PM this interview was meant to be up on the 17th. Its now the 23rd and still not up when others have been. My question is:

1) Is it not up because my view is not wanted to be shown to the community?

2) Because someone in staff has a problem with me?

3) Because the staff team doing these interviews as just very unorganised (something I doubt as other interviews have gone up).

Just seems like it was a waste of my time to actually fill it out that's all ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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nah you are too irrelevant Voodoo, no one wants to read your opinion :troll:

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Several people stopped taking part in the interviews so the dates swapped around a little is all. We have your interview and it will be posted soon. Apologies.

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