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Windows 10 start menu and cortana wont work

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Ok, so I got my computer fixed, had to factory reset it and got windows 10 back on and everything.

So after I downloaded Chrome on my computer I figured, hey why not unpin microsoft Edge from my taskbar to help clear some space down there?

It seemed that after I did that, I cant click on the start button or even go into the settings on my computer, like to change display settings, password, windows update and security, etc:

I tried going into task manager and doing some commands on powershell, after researching what to do of course and nothing has worked so far.

I tried to reinstall Edge, but when i select the 'run' button after downloading from my browser, nothing happens

I dont know if there is any correlation between not having Edge and these issues, but can someone help me please? There are beans in it for you if your solution works :)

If you guys need more info to help me I shall provide

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Have you tried turning it off and on again?

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Things to try:

-Update your Graphics Drivers.

-Update your OS.

-Try opening Task Manager, and end the explore.exe file.

-Do a System Restore.

This link might be able to help you. Take a read through it.


Let me know if anything helps!

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IDK what happened...but as i was trying to do the system restore i restarted my PC and it did some updates and now all is good, so the issue is resolved

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I'm glad you got it fixed! :)

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