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The Next World. Issue #1

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If you haven't yet read my character's background, I recommend you do so. This story picks up after the events of his background, and this first issue will explain the first year of Giles life in the apocalypse. His profile can be found here.

29 days into the outbreak - Oveture

The night was cold, but Giles was still running. Running after the trailer that kidnapped Ally. He began to ignore his violent breaths and keep Ally on his mind. He couldn't leave her with this creep that decided to smack her in the head with a baseball bat an steal her away from him. He couldn't. He wouldn't. He ran about 3 miles before he stopped to catch a breath. He began to cry for the first time since his father died. He sat down and put his head on his knees. He straightened up and ran into the lands of the dead with one main goal. Find Ally.

57 days into the outbreak - New Life

Twenty-eight days had passed since we last heard the tales of Giles. He hasn't progressed much in finding the love of his life, Alex Smith. For most of the time, he had been living out in the forests, avoiding the people and the infected, living off of rodents and bugs he found around the landscape. He learned something new, he loves squirrels. They have a distinct taste for such a small animal. Like a couple of bites of pot roast. He had a small little setup up in an old hunting stand. He made himself a sleeping bag out of some blankets and tape, and he used a pillow out of a house he searched nearby. All was well until the stand got a little shaky. He was sleeping one night and out of nowhere the entire stand collapsed, fracturing his wrist. He made a splint using some sticks, and a rag he made by ripping the sleeping bag up.

130 days into the outbreak - Closer

It wasn't until 73 days later where his wrist was 100% normal again, but Giles kind of just forgot it was broken in the first place. He was on the run again, barely sleeping out the nights, putting the dead down where they belong with an old hatchet he found in a shed. All was pretty normal in the terms of survival, but still no progress on finding Ally, and she was still on his mind 24/7. That is until he reached a small little town that was inland. He couldn't read the sign because he had little time to learn the language prior to the outbreak. It had read "Старое." Upon entering a small yellow home, he picked up a familiar looking pocket watch. It was Ally's. Her grandfather's name was engraved into it. "Geoffrey." It was engraved on the top outer rim of the watch. She must have been in this town before, and that was all that was on Giles mind. His heart began to race, was she okay? In trouble? Was she hiding? Who knows. The asshole that kidnapped her. That's who.

225 days into the outbreak - Faith, Hope and Love

Every night up until now, Giles held that watch in his hand tightly, with the hopes of being blessed by god, to bring Ally back in his arms. He was living out in a church for some nights. He found a copy of the bible and held it close as well. He opened it and took a quick read. It opened to 1 Corinthians 13-13. It quoted, "And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love." He slammed the book shut and shed some tears. He screamed at the top of his lungs. How can god exist if he couldn't stop humanity's end? How are the remaining things left in this fucked up world faith, hope and love? How is love the greatest when Giles can't even find the love of his life? He picked up the book and began to rip out the pages. He turned around and looked the Jesus statue in the eyes. He flipped it off.

365 days into the outbreak - Boomstick

It was time for Giles to forget religion. He smirked as this idea rolled through his eyes. He was ready to challenge the next world. He found himself an     MP-133 pump action 12 gauge shotgun. He looked at it and called it his boomstick. Because that's exactly what it is. A stick that goes boom. He began to slay the dead like a pro. Blasting his way through, one after the other. The spattered blood and gore on his clothing truly made him sick, in fact he literally got sick from it. Making him vomit everywhere because of the disgusting smell of dead shit. He threw his clothes off for the first time in god knows when, oh wait, he isn't religious anymore. He went into a home and searched through the wardrobe, getting himself a flannel and some jeans. That is until he heard an engine start. The first form of any human activity Giles had ever heard since. He looked out the window and saw the same trailer that stole Ally take off onto the road.

Thanks for reading issue #1! I hope you enjoyed it, this is my first take on some Lore stories. If you have some thoughts or comments, I really appreciate them!

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