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Where are you? [Open Freq]

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*Cash is walking through a town, hes lost, he kicks a rock across the road and reaches for his radio*

*He looks at it for a second sighs and presses the PTT*

Cant believe Im saying this but... Tex, Ace, Johnny... I hope youre all still alive but guys, I have no idea where the fuck to start. Why the hell we ever thought coming here was going to be a good idea... Well we were young and obviously fuckin stupid. 

*He looks at the radio*

Anyways if any of you bastards are alive and can hear this tell me where the fuck to go. Ive been wandering this damn coast for days and well...

*He laughs*

Well this place is even more of a shithole than Yankee Stadium if you know what I mean. Anyways hopefully I hear a familiar voice soon... Its Cash by the way. Im alright, a little irritated but I mean who the fuck wouldnt be? 

*He pauses*

I guess I got nothing left to say.... Get back to me. 

*he releases the PTT*

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*Tex ducks into a house to avoid zombies. He hears a familiar voice coming from the radio he stole of some asshole*

*He pushes the PTT*

Cash?! Holy fuck! Is that you?! I'm alright man after we got separated up North I figured I'd go back South and maybe try to look for y'all. Fuck man it's so good to hear from you. I'm in a town some fuck walking down the street told me I'm in some place called Starry Sabor. Fuck this place man. I hope you got a map or no where the fuck you are. Get back to me man.

*He releases the PTT, eagerly waiting for a response*

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*Cash is absolutely shocked he hears a familiar voice. He quickly reaches for his radio fumbling it around and almost drops it. He presses the PTT*

Tex... Ill be damned you corn fed mother fucker. What a relief to hear your voice. Up north eh? I think I can find it. I found a map in some poor dead mother fuckers pocket its got blood stains all over it but I think I can figure some sense out of it. Ill head up there soon. Hope you havent started too much shit up there without me... But then again your big ass can handle it.

*He releases the PTT digs out the map and starts heading down the street*

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*Tex smirks*

Well then, I'll see you in a bit fucker. Hey by the way, I picked up your jacket. Don't drop that shit again.

*He releases the PTT, smiling*

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