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Salem (Open Frequency)

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*Jack sits next to a tree, the gunshot still ringing in his ear. He takes a deep breath and holds the PTT*

Uhm, most of you probably have no clue who I am but that's not important. The name that is important is Salem.

*He releases the PTT, looking over at Salem's lifeless body and begins transmitting again*

I have the unfortunate news that Salem took his own life today. Not that anybody gives a fuck, but he realized that there is no good in this world. A few days ago we got a hold of Luna, and we tortured the fuck out of here. I mean I'll be surprised if she'll ever be able to talk again.

*He releases the PTT again, letting out a huge sigh trying to hold back tears. He continues transmitting*

Maybe he was right or maybe I'm going just as crazy as he did, but there isn't good in this world anymore. Sure we can all hold onto that illusion. Truth be told though I haven't met a single person who hasn't done something bad, or maybe they are just filtered out by all the shit. Either way I'm not sure what to do anymore. I might head up North and might not make it back. 

*He pauses*

I could just end it all right now.

*Jack releases the PTT, pulling his magnum out of his holster and begins looking at it*

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*Xander hears the transmission remains silent well after the man is finished speaking. When the voice ends he lifts his radio, presses the transmitter, and begins speaking in a quiet and calm tone*

"No good left in this world, huh? Sounds like something I've heard before"

*rubbing his neck, he continues. His tone gets a little more assertive*

"Headed North? Keep this thing on, you might want to find someone who can help you out with those thoughts o'yours"

*the frequency returns to static*

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*Aspen listens in and quickly jumps when he hears the last comment. He presses down on the PTT button.*

Listen man, I don't know how you feel, but I can tell you that suicide is not the answer. Dealing with someone who took their own life, it's not an easy task. It's easy to tough up and make it SEEM like it doesn't matter, but you will never find peace if you do that, not for a long time.

*Aspen takes a deep breath, and gets much more serious.*

I don't know who you are, what you've done, and what you will do, but I will check in on this frequency if you need support. There is light in the world, just find the little things. You never know what could have been if you take away the opportunity. Stay safe and contact me on here if you need support.

*Aspen releases the PTT button and continues his watch.*

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Stiles hears what the man says, closely listening, he flinches as the man mentions 'suicide' - contemplating whether or not to respond, he just grabs his radio and begins transmitting, he doesn't think about what he says, he just does. The sound of a young boys voice is heard, no older than 16.

"It's horrible, isn't it, knowing that someone you care about couldn't handle it anymore. Did you see it, I mean, when he killed himself, were you there?"

He pauses for a brief second but continues.

"I did, it was one of my brothers, we were triplets. Charlie. He pulled the trigger right infront of my eyes. I watched the bullet pass through so... quickly. We had both just turned 16. It's not even been a year, I considered doing the same thing, I really did. But here I am.

Wouldn't it be nice for you? A few months from now to say the same thing...

Here I am.

Shit happens in this world, I'm just a kid and I know that, If I haven't responded too late, listen to me, you're better then that."

He pauses again.


Here I am."

The transmission ends.

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*Ronny comes to a complete stop after hearing the news and breaks into a cold sweat*

Jack, n-no fuckin' way he killed himself right? He was such a happy fuckin guy, I trusted him, I followed him, what are we gonna do now? What the fuck am I supposed to do?

*Ronny thinks about what Jack said about ending it all, and considers the thought in his head before pushing the PTT button*

If th-this is true, I could end it all right now to, everyone I fuckin' care about is fucking dead, fuck.

*Ronny releases the PTT button before throwing the radio on the ground, smashing it and pulling his Glock out of his backpack, staring at it*

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*Felix with a serious tone picks up his radio*

There's always someone out there pushing back against the dirt and shit, if you need hope ill give that to you, I know you might not care you might be too far gone, but everyone can come back I'm here to give you something, contact me If you wish at the frequency 76.2 I don't care who does, but I'm here for change and I'm paving a new road...

*Felix drops his radio looks around his camp and sighs sadly*

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