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Healthy Partisans [Open Frequency]

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*After a long day of work in the forest, Drogowit finally sat down and decided to start his first broadcast*

"To anyone who can hear."

*After these words, he took a looked at nearby tree, took a breath and continued to talk*

"To anyone who can hear me. Men and women, young or old. Whoever is sick of living close to those ill abominations, answer me. My name is Drogowit, last name does not matter. There are so few of us left that repetitive first names are unlikely to occur. I am not a native, but I know southern side of South Zagoria pretty well. Some of You maybe know me from before the outbreak. I was... - *he sighed* - I am policeman from Nadezhdino, where I served as regional officer. During first weeks of infection, when riots started, me and other lads tried to stop bandits from looting your houses in whole Chernogorsk District. Months have passed since then, and when law and order totally broke, many cops and OREL units deserted, died either by suicide or from hands of bandits. I am still sure that there are some survivors who either lived in Chernogorsk District, or still roam the southern coast and seek refuge. I have just settled up a camp and I am willing to have someone to come alongside. Loneliness is killing everyone who is not mad. Yet. I am still gathering supplies, and will need a hand. There is some good land that we could use. I want to bring Law and Order to this world."

*He stopped, and lied on his back awaiting for answer*

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