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A Call for help [Open Broadcast]

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*Anastasia breaths heavily stopping to look behind her to see if anyone is still chasing her, she see's no one and takes a moment to speak over the radio*

"Please god help me, I am near a town that the sign says is Stary Sobor, men are chasing me. Its almost daylight out so I think they have stopped. Please someone my name is Anna, these men followed me from the black mountains. They only hunt at night ---"

*Yelling can be heard in the background, and the radio cuts out*

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*Vasilisa wakes from her slumber confused hearing the cries for help from the woman, she quickly jumps out of bed and begins to transmit, her quiet Chernarussian accent can be heard over the open frequency*

*Ahoj? If you are still listening my name is Vasilisa, or Lisa for short. I've been settling down in a house not far from Stary Sobor…

*She pauses for a second questioning herself before continuing on speaking*

“I can help you, there is place to sleep here and plenty of food for you, my dear. There aren't many good people out there anymore but I’m willing to take risk for fellow woman.

*She starts to gaze out of the window watching the nearby road for strangers*

I am currently around place Westerner likes to call “Lonely House”. Like I've said there is food and a place you can rest your head for the night. Do not walk in open street, be safe my dear.

*Vasilisa places down her radio and starts preparing a meal in hope the girl makes it to safety*

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*female, american voice*

"Green mountain? Lonely house? Where are those? I don't know any of this continent. Also how do I tell where black mountain is? I want to stay far from it"

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